Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Staying Healthy Is Important - Even In Politics!

     Well, here we are in mid January. Many are starting off this new year with fasts of one sort or another. Many have chosen one of the 'Daniel' fasts, not eating meats or sweets, but focusing mostly on eating fruits, veggies, and drinking water only. My husband and I are definitely eating plenty of fruits and veggies in our fast, but we also allow beans, grains, some cheese products, fish, and some chicken. You may say, that's not a fast, my reply would be, "if you saw just how off track we had gotten lately, you would know that it is!" I have also swore off coffee...(uugghh!) Definitely NO fast food, candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc. (I digress...) It is my understanding, through quite a bit of research, that sugar really has no nutritional quality anyway, no redeeming feature except for flavor. It's one of the culprits (along with fat,) that we blame for undesirable weight gain, which we know can lead to so many chronic health problems and diseases! A friend of mine once handed me a list of 132 reasons why not to eat sugar! (Go ahead, google it.)
     I'm jussayin! We have found it to be SO addictive in different seasons of our lives, that we found ourselves having to apply principles from our old 12 step program (gratefully introduced to us, at least 25 yrs. ago, now) in order to break free from it! Don't think your addicted? Try not eating any sugary goodies for a month...even 2 weeks, then we'll talk! Actually, many will be quite distracted (to say the least) by not indulging after only 1 day! That was myself and my husband.
      Anyway, back to the fast...for some reason fasting really helps people to draw closer to God and focus on much needed prayer issues. They begin to believe God, (with more focused faith) for the many 'breakthroughs' needed, not only in the lives of family, friends and church needs, but also to pray for the many needs facing our beloved country!
     Take this last reason that I've mentioned. Think about it. If we don't stay healthy - we may not be around to voice our opinions, and vote for all the changes that we so desperately need, in all levels of our government today. Our diets can literally cause us to experience 'pre-mature death' or enable us to live longer, more effectual lives. Imagine, all of a sudden feeling 'the call' to serve your community, or even state government and the opportunity is right before you, funds, committee and everything! You stand for all the right things...but, would you're health, and 'physique' be up for the challenge? I just recently ran for Riverside School Board, and I have to admit, I sure wished that I had been able to lose a few pounds first! Trying to find just the right thing to wear (that's code for: something that fits!) to all those candidate forums can be down right disheartening...even exhausting!
     Hey, I'm jussayin! Look at dear Ol' Newt, for instance. Brilliant and scrappy as he may be, (which is a good thing,) don't we all keep wondering when that one button on his suit coat will pop off? I agree with alot that Rick Santorum stands for, but some have said that he doesn't look 'Presidential.' Could it be all those sweater vests he insists on wearing? What is he trying to hide:) When it comes to the presidency in America, unfortunately everything can matter! Some people won't vote for a candidate, for silly reasons, and then vote for a dog-gone Marxist with a pretty smile, without blinking an eye! Most don't pay much attention to the truly important issues. It might take them away from watching the Simpsons, or America's Got Talent. Well, that's our electorate. Hopefully, we will all realize that this upcoming presidential election will be for the soul of America, as Mitt Romney stated so well. Yes, it's time for fasting and prayer, that's for sure.
(2 Chronicles 7:14.)

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