Friday, February 3, 2012

Thinking About Changing Political Parties?

     Many years ago now, I remember my mother deciding that she would not be voting Democrat any longer. She and her family had ALWAYS voted democrat, as did my father's. My maternal grandfather
was Irish, and fought hard to get unions going, many times getting in fist fights and risking his life. The Irish experienced much discrimination, and all workers needed to unite to address abuses of different types. At that time, having a body of some sort, to arbitrate between the workers and business owners was clearly needed for a plethora of reasons which most politicians on either side of the aisle wouldn't argue today. Unfortunately, the public sector unions of today, are causing our states to be looking at possible bankruptcy, refusing to give even a little on their benefits! I think, even my scrappy grandpa, if alive today, wouldn't be comfortable with the dramatic power (especially politically) that they have gained. I will discuss more on this issue in future blogs. Regarding my mother's decision to change parties, I remember asking her what had caused her to make such a drastic decision. She said to me, "I have not left the democratic party dear, the democratic party left me." Her and my father, both decided to vote for Ronald Reagan. Being of age to vote, I also voted for Ronald Reagan, though I didn't know that much about politics at the time. She said he was positive, decisive, and inspirational! When he spoke they felt hope for our country, and  confident in him. Due to that, and certain social and religious reasons, from that point on my family always voted Republican. There were some things that we didn't always agree with, but in most instances, we just felt more at peace in our hearts, and safer with the Reagan/Republican type of message.
     The Republicans were (and are) always strong on national defense, believing that we are safest when we have a very strong military. Reagan taught well on the difference between capitalism and socialism, and why the first - not the latter, was the only way for America to go. It is the only system that would allow for, and encourage all to pursue personal happiness, and assure us of a strong country, economically. My family also relates better with a party that is more vocal about gun rights, and religious freedoms. My family never even owned gun, but had we chosen to, we would have wanted those running our country to respect our right to own one. I've heard some repeats of Reagan's speeches on the radio, lately. (It would really be worth the effort to google some of them, and listen to them afresh, at this time when our country is going through all that she is.) He may not be alive, but with today's technology, his speeches could help to unite us all as AMERICANS, again! He had a good handle on the enemy within and without, and what to do about both! Some memories stay with you forever. As a young adult, I remember hearing about "The Rainbow Coalition" and another term we had not heard up until that time; "The NEW Democrat." Everything this New Democrat party espoused, sounded as if they were for the 'little guy'...for 'the workers'...for the 'middle class'...and for 'minorities' (who could argue with that?) Hey, I'm jussayin' we weren't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination either...but for some reason, deep down in our gut, we just felt that they and their message was disingenuous, somehow. Those NEW Democrats just weren't passing the smell test, for us.
     Today, I'm a bit more savvy in politics, though I like to keep an open mind and keep learning. That's what keeps it fun and challenging to participate in everyday! I think it's become pretty obvious just who those New Democrats really were, way back then. I believe what we were seeing was the Progressive, Socialist, far left side of the Democrat party, beginning to take it over. In light of the man who now holds the presidency today...(a whole new kind of president for America, ideologically speaking,) I believe that our instincts and suspicions back then, are now confirmed. I can't say that I have ever heard a President encourage and foster the division of our country quite like this President does. He said he wanted to bring us together, but all I've heard over the last 3 years and more has been pitting the parties against one another, now the poor against the rich...and his 'racial verbiage' seems to be encouraging division there too. It's obvious today, that the far left side of that party is now fully running the show! In order to do this they need to use every needy/minority group in the country to their own ends. Promising a better life for them all, but not really leading anyone to a better place. Just more and more of our electorate becoming dependent on the government for so much of what they need. This is dangerous for them - and for our nation. I can't help but think that so many of the liberal leaders just want to; keep themselves in the lime light, make themselves seem relevant and stay wealthy! It pays them well, in so many ways, to keep those divisions wide! Has America EVER been considered a socialist nation? Not! And we don't want to go that way now, either! I consider those who espouse this way to run our country as: The enemy within! Many would eventually like to see the world run with one central government system...and they unfortunately TRUST the U.N. far too much. There is no place for a sovereign and strong United States of America in a scenario such as that! The weaker America becomes, the day of one world central government, is hastened.
     In our present economic situation, any American President who would refuse to let us work with Canada on this pipeline opportunity, bringing thousands of jobs, and helping us to become more energy dependent, deserves to have even those who considered themselves as faithful democrats for years, to rethink their loyalty this coming election. I think it's time to get smart and stop believing what your party is saying - and start only believing what they are doing, (or in that case, what they are refusing to do!) To let them give it to China, is a crime against every American! It's time to yield to that discomforting feeling down in your gut. Many have changed parties. You wouldn't be the first, or the last. Pray for discernment. Our country, unfortunately, has become far too divided. Even Jesus Christ said that, "A house divided cannot stand!" Therefore, ANYONE holding the highest seats in our country - that of the Presidency, his administration, the Congress and Senate - who are advocating and fostering all these divisions and espousing a Socialist message, earns the 'disingenuous' accusation (at the least) when they claim to be looking out for the good of our country! I'm jussayin! Our country is called: The UNITED States of America! What part of that is hard to understand? The 'plan' of the socialist/marxist agenda, is to weaken our military, divide us, then to cause/encourage chaos, (heh-hum...occupy Wallstreet?) and eventually to bankrupt our country! (I'm seeing all this and more, aren't you?)...all the while smiling and acting as if they would never think of doing such a thing! We are living in scary times, people. We need to trust that 'still small voice' within. I heard the Song: "If We Every Needed You" (God) by Casting Crowns, the other day on the radio. It fully got my attention, and is SO true.
(You could most likely find it on Youtube.)


  1. Being one of those Americans who is not as educated on politics, I am always encouraged to read articles that enlighten me and help me to see what is going on in our government. I will continue to read your blog and hopefully become a more informed citizen. I would like to not have to eenie meenie minee moe when I get into the voting booth this year. Thanks for taking the time to speak out.

  2. So happy to have you as a reader. I would be honored to play even a small part in you being able to go boldly behind that curtain, KNOWING who you should vote for, and feel AWESOME at the decision that you made when you step out! Advice: Open yourself up to the information that is available on the FOX news channel(Cable Channel...
    not FOX channel 8...for starters!