Thursday, March 8, 2012

If Vetting Republican Candidates Is Fair Play...Then It Should Be for Obama too!

I, like many other Americans, have been riveted on the Republican Primary that has been going on for quite some time now. Looks like it's going to be entertaining us throughout the summer. Many are saying that there is a good side to it all, in that it vets the candidates like nothing else can. Vetting, for those who haven't heard this word before, simply means to 'examine or scrutinize.' Some on the right are saying that this way we will know all the good, the bad and the ugly now, so that when it comes time to the actual run against President Obama, all the negatives of the Republican candidate will already have been vetted before the public, lessening the impact against him. To think that the 'Obama machine' won't do their darndest to come up with new negatives to expose, is naive to say the least. You can be sure, that the Democratic party will find it very important for everyone to know all that they have found out about the Republican candidate who survives the primary process, and is left standing. (Just hold on to your seats for their traditional October surprise!) To be fair and consistent, we should want to know, whatever it may be, as long as it is true. Their time will come to reveal what they know, and needless to say, they will not be holding back.

To be expected, there looks to be a plan underfoot, (and we are beginning to see and hear it already,) to make sure that President Obama is put through this same type of 'vetting' process this time around - unlike in the election of 2008. It only seems fair, (Obama's favorite word,) that he should experience this same filtering process, no? Nobody is perfect, whether on the right, or the left...but it is the right of all Americans to hear it all, digest and discuss it all, weigh out the good verses the bad, and then decide who it is they believe that they can trust (the most) to be our President for the next four difficult years. Our country is in such a fragile state right now, choosing the right man, with the right plan, is of utmost importance. This is also why we get so upset when those hosting the debates take our candidates off the important issues to asking them simple, and foolish questions that don't amount to a hill of beans compared to the most pressing issues confronting our country! Let's all be clear on this issue however: The race of the man we finally cast our vote for, should be of no importance, either way, whatsoever! ALL men are created equal and that is the end of story! The same principle is true then while the vetting process takes place prior to and during the upcoming general election. To pull the race card out and accuse anyone who may reveal something that shows Obama in a less than perfect light of racism - is not only ridiculous but cowardly...and might I say, reveals the accuser(s) of being desperate. All candidates need to endure the same process to help us decide who is the most 'worthy' of the office.

During the 2008 election, there were only a few media venues that would report anything negative about Barak Obama. That whole election seemed rather sci-fi to me, in that regard. I remember shortly after he had won the presidency, he would make clear gafs here and there, but there wasn't so much as a comedian that would touch it with a ten foot poll! I remember thinking, just how strange and different that was. I'm jussayin'...I think we've all come to expect that it is practically part of a comedians job description, in America anyway, to make fun of our Presidents!  That's ALL you heard when our country had a republican president, from day one! Saturday Night Live, and all the other late night comedy show hosts had a continual field day buffeting George W., about everything, for everything, (which continues to this day, actually!) We all remember who was blamed daily for the gas prices at that time, right!) Today, I'm hearing almost daily how a president doesn't really have control over them after all. Isn't that interesting?

The double standard for Obama, in my opinion, was (and is) glaring for a good long time. It took a couple years, but you can finally hear some resistance to things that President Obama is doing, or not doing, being used as material for comedians today. He's finally joined the rest of our presidents in suffering some humiliation by their twisted humor, but that's okay, since we do want to keep everything fair in American, right? We all, occasionally enjoy hearing a comedian, great in his craft, reveal some incredibly disingenuous or seemingly hypocritical thing that a politician or one of our Presidents may have done or said...and that's okay - if it's true, of course. It can actually help to inform a public who might not know otherwise. We all have a good laugh, or cringe, and say, "Yah! I guess that's right!" However, I'm not one, on the other hand, who enjoys hearing clearly biased political spin out of a comedian when you were just hoping to enjoy a few good laughs. Many, these days, unfortunately depend on comedians entirely for their political information! Sadly, this is the world we live in today, to the detriment of our beloved country.

Everyone who has the daunting honor and duty of choosing the right man to be the Leader of the Free World needs to know all that there is about both men who will be running and in this same spirit of fairness, I am hopeful that a true vetting of President Obama will take place this time, as well. Those who engage in rescuing him from this process do our nation an injustice. There are many things that we DO know about him after three years on the job...but there is much more about him that the American electorate needs to hear about. We have watched this grueling process go on now, with the Republicans. If this is the American way, then President Obama should not be given a free pass, again! Many men are good, but America needs someone now that can be great who can lead our country back to her greatness, as well. Some vetting is necessary to get thing 'stirred up.' Then we need to connect with each one's world view and future vision for America. Finally, the 'cream will rise to the top' as they say and the best man will become obvious!  Isn't that what we all want? Regardless to the answer to that question...this is clearly what our country needs! 


  1. There has always been a double standard between the Dems and the Reps. Its because a majority of the national news media is controlled by the dems. Great Blog!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, and your compliment on my blog. Your comment about double standards was 'right on! I also get a kick out of a few of my favorite t.v. shows and radio stations that will show clips of those that are run by my 'fellow Americans of liberal persuasion' (as Dennis Prager would say,) after another, and how they will ALL be parroting the same talking points all day! No freedom to think for yourself in that crowd. I generally keep an eye on my most recent blog, for comments...looks like I need to look back at the other topics that I have shared my thoughts on, too! Please tell your friends...let's get some dialogue going - it'll be fun!