Friday, March 30, 2012

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Tragedy - Possible Scenario - What May Have Happened

I haven't heard anyone considering this possibility yet in the recent tragic shooting of the unarmed Trayvon. I realize this is just an idea, and may be far from the true scenario, but I wonder if it might have gone down, something like this...

Trayvon is on his way home from school...(they are saying now that he had been sent home for marijuana traces found in his backpak...not exactly sure why he would need to go through this gated community, but whatever...) he sees Zimmerman checking him out...they both are suspicious of one another (Zimmerman of a hooded black youth who doesn't live there, and Trayvon of a 'Mexican guy' looking at him and following him)...neither knowing one another and neither is comfortable with the situation they are finding themselves in. Zimmerman, is thinking this young man might be one of those who has been involved in the recent B'nE's so he's following him...mainly to see where he's going and what he's up to...and Trayvon's thinking maybe this guy is gonna jump him or mean him harm in some way...Trayvon decides to take the bull by the horns and confront this guy who is following him and overreacts, Zimmerman goes for his cell phone - but Trayvon doesn't know that he might be going for a knife or a gun, so he knocks him down and starts hitting on him...then he does see Zimmerman's gun...doesn't know his background (that he's not racist and is even a mentor of young black kids...or that he is just the leader of this neighborhood's 'watch group') thinks, "Man, I was right, this guy has a gun and meant me harm, I better talk 'bad' and intimidate him...or even get it and get him before he gets me first"...(Zimmerman's dad said that Trayvon made some remark about Zimmerman going to "die now," or something to that effect...)

ImJusSayin' my point is: neither of them knew anything about the other, but thought that the other guy was possibly up to no good...and overreacted. Zimmerman should not have followed him, as the police (dispatcher?) had said...but he seemed to be frustrated that, "they always get away..." (probably commenting on the others that he had called about, that had gotten away.) It's been reported that he had called in over 40 complaints already with (quite possibly) no arrests thus far.

To date, all stories being floated out there, seem to think that one or the other has to be 'the bad guy' with the other fully innocent. What about neither being 'bad'? Whatever the true story ends up being, clearly this was a terrible outcome for them both and for our nation too, due to the obvious racial tensions and divisions that it has again stirred. My heart goes out to all parties, especially to Trayvon's parents. I'm sure Zimmerman's parents are also hurting and afraid, as well. We all need to be praying that God will 'reveal hidden truths' concerning it all...He's good about doing that since He is all about JUSTICE...though we should also be grateful that He knows when to show MERCY as well. A bounty set by the New Black Panther Party should be addressed legally, in my opinion...that's just a 'crazy bad idea' to allow that to get started, that's for sure! If vigilantism of one (if that was the case with Zimmerman) would have been wrong, and dangerous for obvious and varied reasons, then the same is true, if carried out by an organization! Thank God Zimmerman's real address was not given out or we could be discussing another awful tragedy to boot!

...Let me know what you think of my idea.

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