Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trayvon and Zimmerman Story Still Unfolding

Wednesday night, while watching Bill O'Reilly, I heard him mention something that I had touched on in my last blog. Basically, that neither of these men knew a thing about the other. Zimmerman didn't know that Trayvon's father was visiting someone who lived in the neighborhood at the time, and as Bill said, Trayvon didn't know that Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain. Both of them didn't have a clue about the other. I think that it is clear that because Zimmerman didn't recognize Trayvon as someone who lived in the neighborhood, he was naturally suspicious of him, due to the recent breaking and entering situations in the community, and because he thought his behavior was not ordinary. (There is no evidence as of yet, that Trayvon was involved in the B&E's, or even aided others.)  Because Trayvon saw George (a man he did not know,) following him, he too became anxious.  Sean Hannity had George's dad on his show, and he was interviewed. They again played the tape of George having called the police. I don't personally think that he sounded hateful, angry or out of control enough, to have chased Trayvon down, and just killed him "in cold blood," (as some have characterized the event.) Mr. Zimmerman said that George told him that when the two became face to face, Trayvon said, "You got a problem?" and that George said, "No, I don't have a problem." Soon after a fight ensued, and there was a witness who said they saw Trayvon on top of George. An awful tragedy clearly followed, but I can't say that I see a story of racism here? Who can ever know what is in the heart of a man? I find it very bothersome that SO many, including many political figures have fully decided that they KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that George was a racist! There doesn't seem to be any proof of this as we learn more about George's life before this fateful event. My heart goes out to the family of young Trayvon. I challenge all involved to step back, take a deep breathe, and pray for the truth to be revealed. God will help all, but it may end up that being angry and deeply hurt about all that has happened is appropriate...but insisting that racism brought it all to pass, just may not be. Would those who put out the bounty for George still feel justified if he wasn't a racist after all? I am praying for those who are investigating this, and for all who are finding themselves overwhelmed with anger about it. I am asking for the peace of God to be with all, but also that the Lord will convict anyone who may justify racism in their own hearts. race is immune to this sin...and the fruit of it can never bring anything that is good or just. 


  1. Right from the begining iof this story when I seen a photo of this seventeen year old I wondered, is this a seventen year old? Then some of the pieces began to come togather. Why did the media show a picture of this "angelic" little boy and a picture of this "aggressor" in such a contrast from how they really look today?
    One has to wonder what is the real motive? The court of public opinion has been set. Even this blog is setting the stage whenit uses Trayvon's first name most of the time and Zimmerman's last name most of the time.\This blog is correct whe it alludea to politicians sticking their noses into someplace tghey know little about. All in favor of a helpless little boy. I think this is going to turn for the worst for Trayvon's family. Then maybe we'll see who is racist.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. It's amazing to me how this story was first portrayed, for sure, and then how it has been evolving. I, along with countless thousands, want the truth to prevail, that's all. However, some find ourselves giving George Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt, (innocent until proven guilty) until all is revealed, simply because of the CLEAR media bias towards his guilt, due to the large portion of the black community acting like this was an open and shut case based solely on racism, from Al Sharpton's tears and devisive speeches, to those of certain political figures inflaming the racial divides, to the New Black Panther Party's illegal 'bounty''s an American - guilty or not - supposed to get a FAIR TRIAL around here? I will probably be blogging more on this topic because there are things that are still getting under my skin. Thanks for reading through older blogs, and bringing it up to me again. I only used the name Zimmerman because I thought it would be more known, rather than only using his first name, George...but, I hear you.