Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Know Your Constitution and You Won't Be Fooled!

Have you ever felt like you should know your country's constitution better? Most of us know some of it, little parts here and there, but very few really understand it fully. If we don't know our constitution, then we really don't know if a politician may be suggesting ideas, or even a law that may fly right in the face of it! Would you really recognize socialist, communist, or fascist propaganda, if you heard it? (There's quite a lot of it being bandied about these days.) If we don't know our constitution - and our Bill of Rights, for that matter, then we are at a terrible disadvantage. We live in an age when there are many ideologies out there being espoused, and all are vying for our loyalties. Many may sound good, but are they really? Remember, even the beastly German dictator, Hitler, made MANY PROMISES to the people of Germany. They loved him in the beginning. We mustn't forget John Kennedy's famous line: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" We've come a long way, in a very few short years. 

Hillsdale College is offering a FREE 10 week online course on the Constitution!  Hillsdale is an Independent, coeducational, residential liberal arts College. Originally, to learn more about it and to register, you needed to go to: by FRIDAY April 27th. HOWEVER, it was announced that there were SO many people who wanted to register, that they extended the registration.  The class began on Monday May 7th, but all the class materials stay available online so that we can listen to the lectures, etc. at times that work best for us throughout the week! If you'd like to register, you've only missed one, so go ahead and see if you can get in, the more the merrier! This is a course similar to one that is required of all Hillsdale College undergraduates...and it's being made available FREE for me and you!  We are living in an election year that is being considered the most important in our lifetime!  We all need to unite around our constitution, learn it, live it, and love it. It is only then, that we will be able to recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing and we will stand a chance of ever becoming THE UNITED STATES, once more.

You can call them at: 1-517-437-7341 or send questions to: but don't delay, in order to catch up! 

Those at Hillsdale decided to run this online course, and offer it for free because they love our country and because so many just don't know our constitution. (There is also an opportunity to make a donations for those who would like to and who are able.) They want the American people to fully understand just what our elected officials put their hands on the Bible and swear to uphold! I remember as a young person, hearing about enemies of the United States who had vowed to take over the country without shooting even one shot! Do you remember hearing that? They obviously planned on taking us over from within, in a 'progressive' way...little by little. Sort of like that frog being put into water, and heating it up, slowly, so that he won't jump out. Soon, though...he finds himself COOKED in frog stew!

ImJusSayin' it sure seems to me that they'll have an easier chance of it, if we can't tell the difference between true statesmen and (another way of putting it) those who would go about laying out 'socialist traps' with goodies in them...that will eventually snap shut on our necks! Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and if you decide to register! 


  1. This is a nice blog . That's a very good idea from those who want to learn online.People can attend online course at anytime, from anywhere.Online learning enables centered teaching approaches. Every one has their own way of learning and online learning works best for them.

  2. Thanks so much for your compliment. I know what you mean, in that, some enjoy learning from online style courses, while others may not. I have also been certified to run health and wellness courses and am looking to also be trained on how to run those courses on line for those busy people who can't get out to attend them. (New Health & Wellness Blog coming soon.)The reason why this one caught my attention was due to the upcoming elections and because they were offering it for free, though they did make opportunity for donations. I'm sure you're right that there are many other types of online courses that may even be offered for free, but this was the first one on the constitution that I became aware of with a list of teachers as impressive as those for this course. Because of this I wanted to bring attention to it, for those who would be interested in updating their knowledge of our consitution, or in order to finally do something that they had always wanted to do, but didn't know just how to go about it (such as my husband and myself!) Thanks so much, for your comment!