Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Incredible Moment!

I'll be setting the scene for you, before I share with you my 'one incredible moment!' My husband Mitchell and I made it out to Federated Church in Russell Township, two Sunday mornings ago. We went to view an art exhibit that the church was hosting. It ended up quite a little trek from our house, but chose to go at a time when we could first enjoy the art exhibit, and then attend their last service. It was so exciting to see the photographs because I personally know the photographer, Carl M. Jenks. Carl is a great person, and we were very impressed with all of his pictures. We talked with the Pastor afterwards and let him know that we had driven in from Lake County just to see them. He made some very nice comments about Carl's work, about how well done they are, and how he chooses such a wide variety of topics to photograph. We certainly had to agree! For those of you who would be interested in viewing them, you can go to: www.carlmjenksphotography.com My favorite one is the giraffes - in Africa, but all the other pictures are also awesome and quite unique.

My husband and I work different shifts and don't get the pleasure of spending as much time together as we would prefer. We, like many, are basically overworked and don't get out to do things that are very 'different' together, that often. So we were very thankful that Carl had let me know about his art show. It caused us to do something out of the ordinary that morning, and venture out of our Lake County 'comfort zone!' We had never been to or through, Russell Township before, and only found that we would be heading that way, after we had Google mapped 'Federated Church' on Bell St. We enjoyed the exhibit and the service that followed too. What happened afterwards, however, blew our minds! I thought you might get a kick out of the story:

Our final destination would be Chagrin Falls. Up until that day, we had never knew or heard of the bustling little Main Street of stores, restaurants, or the beautiful falls that are available for the public to enjoy, so after the service, Mitchell asked the Pastor if there was anything special in the area to visit before we headed home. He told us to make a left out of their driveway, go straight, and we would find quite a lot of activity on Main Street that we would most likely enjoy! So we got in our car, made the left out of the driveway and headed down to check it out.

Before I share what happened I must first say, It's amazing to think about all of the decisions that were made and unmade in that previous week, that ended up having my husband and I driving out to that show on Sunday morning rather than myself and another woman going out on an evening, mid-week. It had been showing throughout the month, and though I tried numerous times to get out to see it in the evening, inviting my sister at one time, then my friend Cecelia, and even my daughter Holly, but none could attend. Also, that my husband and I were the ones who ended up out there on the last day of the event, and that it ended up the ONLY time that we could go together. Add to all these changes, all those that my daughter and her husband had made for their weekend, and those that they were making even up to that very morning... and last, but not least, the impeccable timing that was needed to bring all of us right up to...one incredible moment!

At first, we thought we would just drive up and down Main Street, viewing it all from within the car, and then head home, but after having seen a sign on a cute little red and white store that stated: "Chocolate Covered Strawberries" I was motivated to venture out of our car and indulge!  I lovingly, twisted my husband's arm to park, and to get out and get some! Well, he finally agreed after I reminded him of how few 'different' things that we get to do, and that THIS was our opportunity! (I'm sure many of you wives out there, can relate!) He parked our car and we began to walk down the street towards Main. We then proceeded to walk across it to get to the other side - when I heard my husband yell out "Dave and Holly!" The visions of luscious strawberries flew right out of my head, as I looked up to my right - and there they were! My daughter Holly and her husband David, in their car, waiting for the pedestrians (us) to cross the street, in front of them. My husband was pointing at them...and their eyes and mouths were wide open while pointing back at us! We all could not believe our eyes! There we all were, at the same place on planet earth, at the same moment, so far away from home, without having planned it one bit! David said, "Holly - there's your dad, there's your parents!...I could see her saying, "NO" in disbelief! I could not believe it! (It was amazing and hysterical, all at the same time!)

We simply had NO idea that one another would be going there today, and yet, there we all were!  Both David's son, and Holly's daughter were visiting their other parents that day, so David shared later, that he decided to bring Holly there to enjoy some time together on a nice day! (He had previous knowledge of it as a youngster.) When Holly and I had discussed possibly going to see Carl's art exhibit together earlier in the week, we only knew that we would be heading South on Rt. 306 in order to get there, and that we would be printing out a google map if we went. Because she had decided that she couldn't attend, she hadn't even mentioned it to her husband. Now, there was my daughter and I looking and pointing at one another, in the same place, at the same time, in total shock! ImJusSayin! I was standing in the middle of a street, 25 miles away from home, in a place I'd never been before - and there's was eldest child right in front of me! There's got to be a name for this type of occurrence but if I've ever heard it, it's totally evading me now.  

They looked for a place to park and found only one space - which was RIGHT behind our own car! We joined up and we all went into the unique little red and white store that offered popcorn, Euclid Beach custard, and chocolate covered strawberries, together. We enjoyed about an hour of fun conversation, and laughter, as Mitchell, Holly and David have a great sense of humor, and I love to laugh! Afterwards, we went down a long flight of stairs to see the beautiful falls where we were able to take some pictures and make some great memories together. Finally, we parted company with hugs, all still in amazement. We headed home, talking about what a great surprise, and blessing it was, all the way. (We left the love-birds there to spend a little time alone, since after all, my son in law had brought Holly all the way out there, with that goal in mind!)

ImJusSayin, we will never forget the divine way that we met up that day...and it would never have taken place had I not ended up having to wait until the last day of Carl's exhibit, my son-in-law just coming up with the idea to take the long drive to Chagrin to show this area to my daughter right when he did, and having a very, sweet and fun-loving God to coordinate it all! I emailed my friend about this amazing day and ended it with: Thanks Carl, for the part that you played in our blessing, deciding to have your art displayed at Federated Church, this month, ending on Sunday, the 6th of May...so that Mitchell and I would be walking across Main Street at the same time that my daughter and her husband were sitting there, waiting for the pedestrians to cross. 

We decided that this event sealed the deal. God does guide our steps, even when we are unaware. He brought us together to enjoy quality time, that He knew, we would not have had on that day without his loving help. In choosing to do it in this way, He let us know just how loving and sovereign He truly is in our lives. What a comfort it brought to us all, and still brings.

P.S. After telling Carl that I would be blogging about this they decided to run it through ! Call June 6th. You may want to call ahead for times!

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