Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prayers Still Going Up For Healing of Chardon School Community

About three Saturdays ago now, I had the pleasure of attending a Geauga County Mom's In Prayer Group for their annual breakfast. It was great getting to meet the other moms and grandmas who feel the urgency to pray for their kids and their schools, on a consistent basis. This International Prayer Group used to be called: Mom's In Touch International. Some of you have heard Fern Nichols, it's founder, speak on 103.3 FM every once in awhile. There are groups available for those who live in the Chardon School district, as well as groups for moms who live in other school districts. It's focus is coming together once a week, for approximately one hour of focused prayer. After pulling up the Mom's In Prayer International website a couple months ago now, I am now meeting and praying with a small group of very faithful and 'faithfilled' mothers at Panera Bread in Mentor (by Kohl's,) run by Diane Carswell. I can't believe that I am up on a Saturday morning, and over there by 7:15 AM (not being a morning person by nature) but I have been, and boy has it been worth it! I have already seen the difference in the children's lives that I (and the other mom's) have been praying for.

At one point in Geauga County's annual breakfast itinerary, a representative mom from each school would normally be given opportunity to give thanks to God, and share with the others about answered prayers for their schools. This year, however, it was decided that things would be done a bit differently. A couple/three of the mom's from the Chardon district were given the full time to update everyone on how things have been going in regards to their own healing process and those of the Chardon families who lost children, those who had been injured, and those who are still being affected with fear and painful memories. It was very moving for us all, to hear about some of the ongoing emotional struggles that the families and students at Chardon High are still dealing with. When they had finished, we corporately covered them with prayer, also. It was good to learn that the area churches, including Chardon Assembly of God, are still available for counseling and prayer, and are continuing to do this on an ongoing basis. It has been determined, from past school tragedies of this nature, that the community will need approximately four years of help, counseling, and other types of intervention to see them through this properly. We were assured that the love, cards, donations, and all our prayers, along with signs of support, have been very helpful, though we could also hear that it is certainly not time to stop yet, that's for sure.

I had the honor, last summer, of having been asked to run for Riverside School Board, by a friend and neighbor, and then endorsed by the Lake County GOP. After my husband and I prayed about it, we decided that I would. I learned a lot during that campaign, and I want to thank everyone, so much, who showed faith in me, with their votes. In my opinion, I felt strongly, that we really needed to bring the Riverside School district, it's families, and it's schools before God for His intervention and help, and I still we are! I have learned one thing for sure in my life thus far, and that is that prayer changes things. I decided that contacting Mom's In Prayer International to do this would be one of the most meaningful things that I could do to contribute in helping the Riverside School district through their difficult challenges, and transitions - and after the tragedy in Chardon, it has been a great encouragement to see that the mom's and grandma's in that district are also blanketing the Chardon School district and its families with prayer, during the tragedy that they faced, and the unique challenges that they are still facing.

ImJusSayin' we're living in a new day in this country. It's a new day for our schools. New is not always good, unfortunately. I think that we are all feeling this...and it's definitely a time to invite he Lord's wisdom, help, and protection over us and our children - each and every day.

In winding up, I did not end up winning a seat on that board, as many of you know...though I was told that the incumbent president who I was running against, and I, were only about 6 votes apart at one point in the evening...but she won the victory at nights end by about 365 votes. Though I hadn't won, I decided that that was no reason why I shouldn't continue with my plan to find and join a group, and then at some point, be of any help that I could  to plant and grow more groups. Praying for children, their schools, their teachers and their administrators is very needed today, and doing it with other moms makes it so much more fun - and effective! I was very pleased to find two mom's from the Riverside district in my Saturday group. I am still in the process of discovering where other groups are located already, where more groups are needed, what schools are being covered, and finding other interested moms who would like to hook up with a group and start praying, asap! Please leave me a comment, and feel free to contact me at: or call and/or leave a message at: 440-382-3507. I will gladly get you the names and numbers of those you should talk to.

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