Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chicken Sandwich Anyone?

As of late, there have been a number of issues that have gotten my dander up. The latest being all the controversy about the Chick-Fil-A owner stating his appreciation for and support for traditional marriage, and then quite literally having all hell break loose! What is this world coming to that he is not free to share his appreciation for and belief in traditional marriage, without all this harassment?

Disney has gay day, and many cities have gay parades. Clearly these are examples of the freedoms given to express their support for their beliefs and lifestyle choices. Mr. Cathy also has rights. Through the years, I have both read about, watched on t.v. and heard on radio talk shows, the countless studies proving the mental, emotional and financial benefits to children when both their mother and father remain married and raise them together. The stability factor is obvious all the way around. When a man and woman marry and  actually succeed in remaining together long into their elder years, (which most vow before God that they will do...) it should be cheered and celebrated! It's not an easy thing to do! Stats for some time now reveal that about 1 out of 2 marriages 'bite the dust!' Every human being alive must give thanks for and concede, that it was the union of a man and a woman, (married or not,) that is to be thanked for their own existence! It is the cornerstone of most all religions and of civilization! We would all be fools to not celebrate and appreciate it!

Clearly, Mr. Cathy and SO many others in our country are steadily being victimized by view point discrimination...that is, if their point of view is different than that of the political left look out! Shall we draw from this crazy attack on Mr. Cathy that if you: 1.) have a business 2.) and are Christian, (in this case,) and 3.) if you believe and feel that a traditional, long term marriage is the best situation for children and families and that 4.) this type of relationship is to be encouraged and celebrated - that those who hold other views than these should now consider it NORMAL to openly declare that they wish cancer upon your patrons like Rosanne Barr did, and do everything possible to put you out of business? The mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, thinking that they can refuse to let Chick-Fil-A businesses in their states because of this... is so far out that I cannot even get my red blooded American brain around it! With far out views like these they are clearly revealing themselves as fascist-leaning and unsafe for office, in my opinion. Same sex marriage has NOT been officially deemed a 'civil right' as of yet, though many obviously feel that it is.

Am I all alone, or is anyone else noticing this very big elephant in our country's living room? Seems that far too many people, both in government positions, and in our citizenry are far too ready to throw out our freedom to think, live, believe and speak according to our own conscience and are ready to turn these over to the 'thought and word police!' The gay rights community, and those who share in that belief system, obviously have every right to think, live, believe and speak according to their own conscience as well, but it would seem that some are trying to exercise far more control than they should over those who simply want to express joy and appreciation for what IS working for them - which is long term heterosexual marriage. We are a country run by the rule of law. Clearly, no law has been broken by celebrating traditional marriage, c'mon now!

ImJusSayin - Do we have freedom of thought, speech, and religion in this country - or do we not? If this has changed, and we don't, then once and for all the President needs to call a 'state of the union' address and declare that all citizens of America are now to live in full and total servitude to the gay community in ALL WAYS. Example: "If you want to retain the right to safety and protection, if you want to retain the right to run a successful business in this country, if you want to marry, and raise a family without harassment, you MUST be ready and willing to throw overboard all doctrines of your faith, all rights to freedom of thought, word, deed, and conscience - and become fully loyal to all of the 'political correct' views and 'doctrines' of the far left and pro-gay agenda in this country....and if you do not - expect to be attacked, harassed in every way imaginable, and possibly worse. This is the New America so get used to it!" Now that I think about it, I do believe, if the truth be known...this is probably just what the left does believe! These actions against Mr. Cathy pretty much prove it. In my opinion though, they have truly over-reached this time.

Well, until he makes such a declaration - then what the heck happened to LIVE AND LET LIVE? What happened to tolerance? Aren't these ideas meant for all sides to practice? This recent situation with Mr. Cathy and reading about the all-out attack that he is experiencing is clearly crossing a boundary line that ALL American's should renounce and resist. I personally believe that there are MANY strong Americans in the gay community who are watching this and oppose it as well! Control is control is control...and ImJusSayin' this is in your face CONTROL and nothing else!

Mike Huckabee has declared Wednesday, August 1st, as "Chick-fil-a Day!" Let's all go and express our support for freedom of speech and for successful, traditional marriages...those that have been proven to encourage healthy families. If something is healthy, then it is! There's nothing anyone can, or should try to do to change this truth!  

In closing: I will admit, however, that there was a time when I did express a slight dissatisfaction with Chick-Fil-A. In sharing my concern with them, I have reason to believe that I was most likely joined by, quite possibly thousands of others! How do I know? Well, you can now dip those awesome waffle fries in yummy cheese sauce! Many of you will remember, that was not always the case!

You're very welcome:)


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