Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Corporate Wife" NOT a bad thing!

There's nothing WRONG with being successful, or even a 'corporate wife' for that

matter, (as they are referring to Ann Romney.) I own T.L.C. Home and Office

Cleaning, and have cleaned for a couple that would be catagorized as such...they

are awesome people! They have kept MANY people working consistently for

many years, as they need MANY things done around their VERY LARGE home!

Dogging the rich is a FOOLISH thing to do. A wealthy nation has to HAVE 

them, and many WEALTHY businesses too - if it wants to be a 'wealthy

nation!' Even President John Kennedy said, "A rising tide lifts ALL boats!" (Who,

as you all know was not only a liberal icon - but many people in both parties thought

very highly of him!) My mom absolutely adored him... then later, voted for Ronald


ImJusSayin' think about it...isn't that what we WANT to be? For God sakes,

who in there right mind wants their nation to be anything less? Socialists and

anti-colonialists, in this case, (see movie: Obama's America 2016...) will seek to

divide, it's a means to an end...and they don't want wealthy people helping

other people to earn their way into the middle class (now matter what they say)...

they want everyone 'equal'...equally poor that is...and as many people dependent on

the government as much as possible - to keep them in power!

If everyone is getting some sort of assistance, it assures that they will vote for that

party! This truth is what makes President Obama SO transparent - as far as his

motives for doing all that he does is concerned. Seeing disingenuous motives is the

ONLY thing that IS transparent about his administration, though he promised to be the

very most, compared to other administrations in the past...another promise broken!

Do us all a favor, if you have needed assistance through this recession, that is

certainly understandable...but don't let it make you think that you have to vote for

Obama in November.  We have always had saftely nets, and we will also have them -

even when Mitt Romney is voted in as President in November. Don't sweat that issue!

Safety nets and assistance of many kinds have not just come into existance since

Obama has been in office these last four years, though he would love you to

believe this! ImJusSayin' - Give me a break!


  1. Great blog..enjoyed it a lot. Wife & I saw 2016 last week. Everyone must see it in the next 66 days. Good writing for you


  2. Thanks Pete. It was quite surprising to see the blog in Sundays paper (pg. A-3.) Didn't expect that! Glad you and your wife saw the movie too. Best way to inspire others to do the same thing!

  3. You still haven't told us what freedoms you've lost since Obama was elected. Can't think of any?
    The gap between the wealthy and the middle class has been growing for 20 years yet naive bloggers still dont get it. When you're 65 and Ryan hands you a voucher instead of SS. maybe youll understand.


  5. A few weeks ago Willard Romney said that no one has ever asked to see his or his wife's birth certificates. This was a joke. (Ha Ha). Willard luvs jokes. (Ha Ha) Willard luvs to laugh. (Ha Ha)
    Willard's joke was at the expense of Obama's birth certificate.
    Willard's joke is funny (Ha Ha) because many people, most notably serial bankruptcy declarer Donald The Hairdo Trump, believe Obama was born in Africa, not in Hawaii.
    Those same people don't believe Hawaii is part of the U.S. because it's too Asian. Just like New Mexico is too Mexican. Manhattan is too Jewish. And New England is too Englandish.
    Although no one questions his birth certificate, what about Willard's marriage CERTIFICATES?
    You don't hear Willard making jokes about his marriage CERTIFICATES.
    That's right – CERTIFICATES.
    As in more than one -- CERTIFICATE.
    Radical expressions of Mormonism allow for the male to accumulate multiple wives. Why anyone would want multiple wives isn't clear. Most normal, non-Mormon men have their hands full placating one wife. They see no advantage in stacking the deck.
    But that begs the question -- Just how many wives does Willard have?
    Willard needs to show us ALL of all his countless marriage CERTIFICATES.
    That's right – Plural.
    Only then can Willard put to rest the suspicions about his harem of numerous wives.

  6. The latest NBC/WSJ/RJJAYJOHNSON Poll shows that in the swinger state of Ohio, Willard Romney is in BIG TROUBLE. How Big?
    As in REALLY BIG.
    Here is why the Willard Romney team is panicking.
    Among all registered voters who will actually get off their lazy butts and go vote on Election Day, not including those liars who say they'll vote but never do they just stay home eating Hot Pockets and watching reruns of Bewitched, Willard is seen as a dork.
    How dorky?
    The numbers speak for themselves:
    Willard Romney -- Favorable Opinion 40%
    Unfavorable Opinion 50%
    These Unfavorable numbers are not as bad as Evil, creepy Dick Cheney, but no one has a favorable opinion of Cheney, not even his dog.
    Romney can't take any comfort in that because we all know what Romney did with HIS dog (Get on the car roof, Fido) so if dogs were voting Romney would be unelectable.
    This poor opinion of Willard doesn't concern flat earth Republicants, however. They believe that a miracle will occur and Willard the Insincere, Phony, Bland, Power Hungry, Miser who cost tens of thousands of people their jobs will somehow become acceptable to Ohio Voters.
    This belief can be attributed to the Republicants sucking up to Jesus all these years with doddering, shaky evangelizer (as lil Georgie Bush jr would say) – Pat Robertson. Although Robertson is now in his dotage, Republicants believe that Robertson's personal hotline to Jesus will result in the Man Who Walked on Water intervening on Willard's behalf.
    "He's gonna help us, I'm sure of it." Said one delusional rightwing blogger. "Jesus wouldn't let that Muslim, American hating Oblama have a second term. Would He?"
    When it was pointed out that Willard is a Mormon, which is considered a cult outside of conventional Christianity by most Christian religions, the delusional rightwing blogger said:
    "Nobody's perfect."


    Last Friday on ABC's Good Morning, America, Willard Romney said that an income of $200,000 to $250,000 is MIDDLE INCOME. MIDDLE INCOME?
    Where is $250,000 considered middle income? In Romneyland, that's where?
    Willard you are so out of it. Just because you're worth 250 ka-zillion dollars doesn't mean everybody has gotten rich like you by destroying businesses and causing tens of thousands of workers to lose their jobs.
    In fact, The Census Bureau says that the actual median household income in this country is $50,000.
    It's more evidence that Romney lives in that fantasy world called Romneyland.
    In Romneyland Willard is some kind of classic businessman building solid companies to give people jobs.
    Not so here in the real world. Here, Romney made his fortune by taking over struggling companies, paying himself HUGE consultancy fees and then saddling the companies with debt to pay those consultancy fees. And then shipping the lost jobs out of the country.
    My dog knows more about job creation than Romney does because my dog creates a job for me every time he takes a dump in the back yard and I have to clean it up.
    And don't try to tie my dog to the roof of your car, Romney. We're on to you, Willard.
    Here, in the real world, most families are getting by on $50,000 … NOT the $250,000 that dog abuser and vulture, pirate capitalist Romney believes it to be in his crazy, old ROMENYLAND.


    The tape where Willard Romney was secretly recorded stating that 47% of the US population are mooching losers who'll never take responsibility for themselves, including grandma on Social Security, was made at one of the mansions of Marc Leder, bigwig slimy Republican money man and prominent Republican orgy organizer.
    Rags like The New York Post report that Leder hosted wild parties where people ran around nude and performed disgusting Republican missionary style sex acts with their eyes closed while listening to recordings of Ronald Reagan's bawdier speeches.
    This latest disclosure about the foundering Romney presidential effort elicited the following comment from a veteran Republican campaign manager:
    'The only way Obama can lose now is if Al Qaeda crashes a jet liner loaded with nuclear weapons into the Statue of Liberty during Monday night football. It's over. How do you spell Titanic? M.i.t.t. R.o.m.n.e.y.'

  9. Dear RWT,
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