Monday, October 1, 2012

Four Died - Obama Lied

On Sept. 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Lybia, our U.S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans were brutally attacked and murdered after they were rushed to a supposed 'safe house' to flee their attackers! Clearly, there was a breach of confidence, and the attackers were tipped off as to where our U.S. representatives would be taken. 

One report later said that there was a school nearby where American children attended. Had the teachers there not gotten a tip that the mobs were approaching, the children might have been outside playing! They closed the school and sent them all home, just missing, (most likely,) violent attack also! 

This obvious breach of confidence, alone, is disgusting to me, and though this whole incident  screams for an investigation, to date their have been NO FBI agents sent to Lybia to investigate anything! Those speaking for the U.S. government, such as Jay Carney, Susan Rice (our U.N. Ambassador,)  Hillary Clinton, and even President Obama himself, immediately began telling us that the motivation for this attack was a movie that had been available for viewing on You Tube, since some time in the summer. President Obama is continuing to propagate the falsehood that it was all brought on by this video at various speeches, and on both the David Letterman show, and on The View! Very late, on Sept. 14th I was still up, cleaning and preparing food for a family picnic the next day. I was 'glued to the tube' as I was watching the violent scenes that had gone on in Libya. All I can say is thank God for FOX NEWS on cable television, specifically! They were RIGHT on top of it, and have continued to be to this day, UNLIKE so many other liberal media channels who refused to run anything that might put the President in a poor light. Ignoring this very important incident has shown the height of their incompetency, and revealed so clearly their bias for President Obama in this election! In a country where so many of our major media outlets are all willing to totally black-out this type of information, in order to keep one specific candidate from 'looking bad' during an election year, and then purposely spinning all information about the other candidate, in as negative a light as possible, is causing many to ask themselves, "Under these present conditions, how can our democracy stand?" 

When my husband went to work, the next day, and in days that followed, he would attempt to bring it up. Those who got their news from the channel I mentioned above, or by talk radio, could discuss it with him. But those who did not, didn't have a clue what he was talking about! Eventually, most of them heard about it from others in the shop, but totally accepted, and bought into the false notion that it had been incited by this silly video, simply because it was their party that was putting out that explanation. No one on FOX was buying this lunacy, and soon after, even Libya's President, declared it to have been a preplanned attack...not incited by any video!  

ImJusSayin' to find out that the Obama administration knew within 24 hours that this was the true situation, and to have heard them with my own ears STILL insisting that it was all caused by this ridiculous video, was nothing short of shocking! Everyone on the right knows that there is strong media bias for this president, but this was utterly amazing to hear and behold. I personally think that Obama (and Hillary) continue to keep 'the video' as part of the reason for the attack, and violence that continued, because they want to 'stoke the flames' of support for agreeing (in time,) to a 'world-wide law against anyone speaking against the Prophet Mohammed.' 

As I watched that night, the chaotic scenes of enraged Libyans storming the whole area, going crazy, putting cars on fire, burning the flag, destroying the embassy, and so much more, it was VERY unsettling to say the least. I thought to myself, "What if our Ambassador, or those with him, had been my son, or my brother? My God, their families must be frantic!" I began to remember just how many times President Obama had received praise during the recent democratic convention, (which I DID watch,) for having given the order to have Bin Laden killed! Giving Obama full credit for Osama being dead, and for 'saving' the car industry was all you heard throughout the convention...which, he really didn't do either - if you really study out the facts! This, no doubt, enraged these terrorists, and the fact that it was our 9/11 memorial season, together, were clearly a good part of the reasons for all the mayhem that I was viewing. Of course, to be fair, we mustn't leave out the fact that the main goal in the life of every good radical Muslim is to gain world domination, destroy the 'Great Satan' (the U.S.) and to wipe Israel off the chances are very good that this was also a compelling motivator!

The following day it was reported that they were all yelling, "Obama, Obama, we are ALL Bin Laden's (now)!" I considered this chant to be a 'copy cat' of what the conservatives in America had been stating of late: "We are ALL Catholics now" in standing together to protest against this administrations attempts to force the Catholic church to do things that were against their conscience and faith. Just a note, if I am correct, do I think their correlation is accurate?  Not even close.

When Jay Carney originally put out the ridiculous explanation that it had nothing to do with America, our President's foreign policies, or anything like that...I didn't buy it for one minute! I immediately said, "You've GOT to be kidding?" I actually felt sorry for him, having been sent out with such a lame story! I'd like to share some of what Patrick Caddell (Democrat pollster and political commentator) had to say recently, at an Accuracy in Media's Conference, on September 21st. I believe that he said it quite well:

"The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power.  When they desert those ramparts and decide that they will now become active participants, that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know, they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people. And it is a threat to the very future of this country if we allow this stuff to go on. We have crossed a whole new and frightening slide on the slippery slope this last two weeks, and it needs to be talked about."

Then there's another quote that I will share below, from a recent email I received from Truth In Action Ministries ( 

Since 9/11/01, Islamic Jihadists have carried out more than 19,479 deadly terror attacks worldwide — an average of more than 1,770 unprovoked acts of violence each year! Yet despite these continued acts of terror, our own government leaders have become some of the highest profile defenders of Islam in America today; rather than defending our nation, they speak of Islam as a religion of moderation and peace! If America does not wake up to the truth, radical Islam will advance on us more aggressively than ever before.  The danger is clear."  If you would like to sign a petition to be sent to Hillary Clinton, demanding that our government wake up and take a stronger stand against radical Islamic terrorism, or get on their mailing list to learn more, go to the Truth In Action Ministries website I have listed above.

ImJusSayin'...You are not alone, if you too are sensing grief and dismay over the loss of 'fair play' and 'righteous journalism' that America deserves, but no longer has! Before I close, however, I feel that I must, give kudos to my local Lake County, Ohio, newspaper: The News-Herald (the dash is a must, online!) I'm pleased to find that they allow all points of view in their paper. From Letters To The Editor, to the voices of bloggers, such as mine that will most likely lean to the right, and another called: Politics With Pete. And If you prefer to read articles and blogs that lean more to the left, you will definitely find those who will 'parrot their party's line,' there's no doubt about that. 

Whatever floats your political boat! 


  1. Candace: Great you think Biden will continue screaming, "bin Laden is dead" while he's campaigning? People like us Candace just gotta keep disputing the lies in the polls. Keep it up

    1. No, I wouldn't think that he would...but you never know, with him! Thanks for the support.

  2. October 16, 2012
    Hello, my fellow American voters!
    I watched the Oct. 3rd and Oct. 16th presidential and Oct. 11th vice-presidential debates.
    1st Romney-Obama debate covered 7 topics: jobs; budget deficit/debt; social security/entitlements; federal regulation of economy; healthcare; federal government role in economy; partisan gridlock.
    2nd Romney-Obama debate covered 11 topics: college graduate jobs; gas prices; taxes; equal pay; Bush policies; Obama’s record; illegal immigrants; Libya; assault weapons; jobs; candidate misperceptions.
    Ryan-Biden debate covered 10 topics: Libya; Iran; economy; medicare/social security/entitlements; taxes/tax reform/spending/budget cuts; military policy; Afghanistan; Syria; abortion; negative campaign tactics.
    As an INDEPENDENT female feminist (egalitarian) voter, I support the Romney/Ryan ticket.
    Romney and Ryan won all three debates, although Obama improved some in the 2nd debate.
    Ryan won despite Biden’s consistently rude/disrespectful behavior during the debate
    (Biden interrupted Ryan often, laughed often while Ryan was talking, pointed his finger often).
    Biden’s tactics to evade issues/truth were disrespectful to Americans interested in facts, figures, forecasts, and solutions for real people with real problems.
    Romney and Ryan won with substance, directness, integrity, respect, clarity, facts, commitment, inspiration, and leadership.
    These debates confirm that Romney and Ryan are the best persons in terms of qualifications and character to lead our country to solve problems and make life better for all Americans.
    I am inspired by Romney/Ryan, and I hope that you are too!
    Best regards,
    Cas Lee

  3. I'm so impressed with your ability to see that Mitt and Paul are two very good, and capable men, through all the negetives that are being thrown at well as seeing through all the 'smoke and mirrors' that the Obama 'machine' has been puffing out!