Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petraeus Affair? Delay, Distract, Discredit!

I had an old school friend ask me a question on Facebook the other day. She asked me if I cared about the affair that General Petraeus had - because she, for one, could care less about it. My first response was, "no, I can't say that I do." My answer was short and sweet...possibly because she was one of a few dear democrat friends of mine, who I had already been painstakingly 'sharing' my conservative views with throughout the election and since Romney's loss, I have to admit, the thought of going 'back in' for any ongoing debate, just wasn't all that desirable. I think there was another reason for having 'bunted' on the question...it was because I simply saw this affair as a distraction from my real concern which had been the terrorist attack in Benghazi, the honorable men who fought so hard, the precious loss of life that took place there, my feelings of grief that the rest of our country might never really know what happened, or ever honor these men as they should, or seek for justice for them with the rest of us, as we all should.

I've been 'rethinking' this affair of Petraeus, since then. I believe that it had to have been going on for quite some time. The FBI had to know about this, regardless of how it's being 'spun' at present. It will be very interesting to find out 'the policy' on how long after they knew, were they supposed to let the legislative and executive branches of government know also? Will we then find out that they were actually all (including the President) covering up for him in order to save the administration from a scandal? After the Benghazi fiasco took place, with all the talk about congressional hearings they realized that Petraeus would most likely be prone to tell the truth about 'all info regarding Benghazi-gate?' Next may have come their firm request to Petraeus..."this is the story that you'd better tell or else".Undoubtedly, fear and dread would set in at the possibility of the great loss of reputation that he had built up over so many years of admirable service to his country, should his affair be exposed?...This would cause Petraeus to agree with Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and the Press Secretary, Jay Carney's stories when he answered questions by the congress concerning details about the attack on our Ambassador and our American Consulate in Libya. Of course, "it was a 'flash mob' caused by the You-Tube video"...knowing that it really wasn't...but he would lie to cover for President Obama and others, and save his position, to boot?...Uh oh, then the truth comes out that the President of Libya and the CIA made official statements that it had NOTHING to do with any protest or video, and that it was a well planned terrorist attack by Alkaeda? Oops! 

To make matters worse for all these who had put themselves out on a limb, peddling this lie...we then find out that many high ranking people were literally 'watching' the attack, in 'real time'...they had one, maybe two unmanned drones above, many different types of military back-up, available, but never sent...and that the President KNEW either right away, or at least within 24 hour that it was a well planned terrorist attack, by Alkaida..most have decided, he knew right away! Yet, the President continued to participate in a weird sort of 'double-speak' by claiming that though it was all under investigation, he still insists time and time again, in varied settings that it had been started by a spontaneous protest over a distasteful You-Tube video that insulted Mohammed!

Yes, I must say, I am rethinking this. I guess I do care about General Petraeus' affair. We had all better continue to watch everything that takes place from this point on, like a hawk! Rush called their strategy correct today. He said it's all about: delay, distract, and discredit. This will most likely end up President Obama's Watergate...what did he know, and when did he know it...but in this 'cover-up' great American men actually died, unlike Watergate. During this attack and murders, back-up was withheld for our courageous Navy Seals who had rushed in, (against orders to stand down,) to take on the the enemy! Their calls for help, ignored. They gave their own lives trying to save American citizens...a scene, unfortunately ending with that same enemy burning our flag, and raising their own! What a disgrace.

ImJusSayin, many more Americans are  finally waking up to realize that we just can't depend on getting the whole truth from the liberal media. Some of us knew before, but many more are now realizing and shocked to find out just how far they will go to either black out any news deemed to be 'politically inconvenient' or will  spin it until most of America can't see straight! Some would call it: Rewriting history. Proof? So much serious 'history making' was going on prior to the General's 'sex scandal' yet so many major news channels chose to ignored it all together...up until one of the major witnesses could be disgraced and discredited...then they're all up to bat and ready to report! Like dominoes, those needed to testify in the congressional hearings concerning Benghazi-gate, curiously, begin to 'fall'...Petraeus and another close General friend, in sex scandals, Hillary leaving office in January, (but off to Australia for 'important business' so she's not available to testify)...even rumor of Eric Holder stepping down. Only one, Susan Rice, seems to be heading 'upward' as President Obama's most likely choice to fill the soon to be vacant Secretary of State position...regardless of the fact that she quite brazenly carried the 'spontaneous protest' theory to 5 Sunday shows right after the 'terrorist attack' took place, and at a time when those in the CIA, FBI, and yes, even the White House knew that it was NOT the case! (Clearly, everyone at FOX news and their audience KNEW it not to be true!) This shouldn't make getting her approved, just a little harder? I would HOPE SO! I've definitely become very interested to hear how they all try to get out of this mess. It would actually make for some pretty 'good t.v.' if it weren't all so REAL! 

Some are saying that Obama wants to get rid of any and all 'right' leaning people in his administration, and high military positions and replace them with those who will be dyed in the wool loyalists.  Hang on tight, something tells me, if Obama isn't impeached for this Benghazi travesty, the next four years are likely to be 'a doozie!' 


  1. Candace:
    Few are discussing this in the mainstream media because it would show their poor judgment in shilling for the President over the past few years. I guarantee you that Hilary knows something that she doen't want to be around for when it comes out. That is why she is leaving.
    Buckle your seatbelt. Great Post.
    Dave Lynch

    1. Clintons retiring has nothing to do with libya, your ignorance of political reality is staggering


  3. "Stocks rise sharply on Black Friday to end best week of year"
    good news for america
    bad news for the american hating scab republitards who refuse to admit they lost ... again