Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Humorous Hypocritical Activity on the Left

Isn't it just more than a little FUNNY to watch all the democrat leaders so willing to keep tax cuts that were instituted during the BUSH administration? Their all so afraid of a FISCAL CLIFF if we don't continue them! Amazing! Chances are VERY GOOD that they were all fighting and arguing against them back when they were originally instituted. 

ImJusSayin'...I think there's a 'strategy' of the left underway. It goes something like this..."if we can keep the narrative about how disgusting it is that Republicans want the wealthy and business owners to keep their tax cuts too, we can keep the divisions in America alive and by doing that, it may DISTRACT PEOPLE ENOUGH TO KEEP THEM FROM NOTICING AND FROM LAUGHING TOO LOUDLY at us for actually admitting that we needed and still need the tax cuts that were put into place during GEORGE W's term!" 

Hmmm, the lowering of taxes (or in this case keeping them from going up) can actually help to stay off another recession?...Hmmm, amazing! Wish we would have thought of that! 

ImJusSayin'...Comon' everybody...THIS IS FUNNY!!  


  1. More than 60% of americans -- including republicans surveyed -- are in favor of raising taxes on the wealthiest 2%.

    The only ones fighting to keep the tax breaks for the rich are republitard politicians who kiss the rings of those special interests keeping them in office.

    It's amazing that people making far less than $250,000 -- people like you -- are so fixated on this subject. You aint never gonna near $250,000 so quit deluding yourself.

    The reason it seems important to you is that youve been brain washed by watching too much Faux news.

    Also, 65% of americans, including rep., dont want to see medicare or ss touched, as bohner and his crowd of crazed tea baggers are intent on destroying

    You ought to thank god that there are people fighting to protect you even tho youre too stupid to realize it.

  2. Don't care for the nasty words in your comment. Really unnecessary and just tell what type of person you must be within. However, it doesn't take any great intellect to figure out that jobs (which we need right now) are created by business owners. Raising taxes on them is then ludicrous in the middle of a recession, for sure. Thinking that we don't need the wealthy to continue doing what they do best: hiring service businesses, (of which I have one,) buying high priced items, traveling and spending and buying as they go, investing capital in new businesses, hiring more employees, staying active in the stock market, etc. etc. in all our of our states and communities...is like thinking that a body doesn't need a healthy brain to keep the rest of that body functioning well! Face it, RWT, YOU are the one who who has become riddled with the spoiled food of ENVY that the left has been spoon feeding you and the others in this country who may (or may not) agree with you. Don't plan on checking up on your stats as I am running out to invest my hard earned dollars in a local car repair shop for a front end alignment. Check the stats on how much of our taxes are ALREADY being paid by the wealthy and how little are being paid for by the poor...IF IT'S POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO LEAVE OUT THE LEFTY SPIN...and you just might decide to let go of some of that envy and replace it for a little thankfulness. (A little tip: The Bible tells us that Envy DRIES the bones...doesn't' sound very pretty to me.

  3. Is it possible for you to leave out the right wing wacko spin that was overwhelmingly rejected in the last pres. election?

    The idea that raising taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year will hurt the JOB CREATORS ( A TERM INVENTED BY THE REPUBLITARD SPIN MACHINE) has been discredited so often it's become a cliche.

    Investors dont make investment decisions on tax rates they make investment decisions on WHETHER OR NOT THEY THINK THEY'LL MAKE $$$$$. Get It? I'm sure they dont teach that kind of real economic lesson on Faux News.
    If you had any real business experience youd know that.

    I was in business for 30 years with only one goal, making money, (and willing to pay the taxes I owed.)

    Funny how people with real experience know more than those on the sideines think they know.

    As proof of my argument, this country had one of its longest and deepest economic expansions under Clinton, when taxes were higher than they are now and Reagan raised taxes when he saw it was necessary. FACTS -- they so inconvenient, arent they?