Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not As Bothered that Some Won't Say Merry Christmas!

It is not surprising to me, that those who do not claim to be 'saved' or don't personally take the Christian's wonderful 'Savior theology' seriously, might not want to say "Merry Christmas" in the day and age that we are now living in. Some say that we are living in a 'post Christian' era. I don't know about that, but it does seem to me, that there is more resistance to it today in America, and in some cases, even discrimination against believers, which shouldn't ought to be! 

Actually, I believe that those who resist saying "Merry Christmas"  DO BELIEVE that 'Christmas' FOR US is the celebration of God sending His One and Only Begotten Son into the world to save sinners...(which we all are.) But, most likely, not having embraced it personally, they want to overlook, sidestep, and ignore it any way possible, while they go on having their fun 'holiday' without concerning themselves with any 'gospel message' of Christ's advent from heaven - for them.

I'm not sure what's hard to understand about this way of looking at it. Christians should go on saying "Merry Christmas" because this is what WE are celebrating. When, and if, they come to know our Lord, then they too will JOIN US in giving thanks to God for Jesus during this time of the year. Also, the constant pull for 'diversity' has determined and declared, that other faiths should announce what THEY are celebrating during this time of year too. (Though Jewish talk show host: Michael Medved, of 1420 am, says that Hannakah is only a minor Jewish celebration, where Christmas is one of our two highest holy days of the year, including Easter. 

What we now have is a multitude of 'celebrations' all going on at once. It is what it is, people. Use it as a great time for evangelism because that, it still is. We still live in a free country and are allowed to share our faith. People can choose not to take advantage of God's free gift, or they can accept His free offer, and enjoy the peace of having sins forgiven, and assurance of eternal life with Christ. It's pretty simple. A truly life changing event. I've never known anyone who claims having been 'born again' who ever regretted it. 

Since this really isn't the time of year when Jesus was born, but we have decided to come together corporately and celebrate it at this time - then let's take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that it offers us to live out and share our faith. I for one believe, that each of us should have a nativity scene in our own yards so people know that we are Christians and that we ARE celebrating the birth of the Lord, Jesus. I am still looking for a nice one, however. If you know where we can find one, please comment.

After reading my first comment, I decided to add this next paragraph before my closing: 

I also realize that some don't say "Merry Christmas" out of a desire to be polite to someone of another faith. If I have a client who is Jewish, I certainly don't give them a Christmas card, I give them a Happy Hanukkah card. However, because I do not see any reason why Merry Christmas should be offensive to anyone, if a client is neither Muslim, or Jewish, I will generally give a normal 'Christmas' card to them. I personally just don't by 'Happy Holiday' cards. Michael Medved goes out of his way to voice his dismay as to why anyone should be offended with anyone's celebration of faith, in this case the Christian celebration of Christmas! He says that he certainly isn't and doesn't think most rational people are. He suggests that the whole move against Christmas was started by radical atheists, and that we really shouldn't allow them to run our lives anyway, so he resists those who put up a fuss about saying "Merry Christmas" or giving out cards that say the same.  

ImJusSayin Believing that GOD SENT HIS SON JESUS INTO OUR WORLD, TO LIVE A PERFECT LIFE, TO DIE FOR OUR SINS, AND RETURN TO HEAVEN WITH HIS OWN BLOOD TO PUT ON GOD'S MERCY SEAT AS FULL PAYMENT FOR OUR SINS...AND HE'S DUE TO COME BACK REAL SOON is definitely worth celebrating, and I for one am grateful to God that I live in a free country, where I am able to do so openly, and in a blog such as this, without fear of a lengthy prison term for doing so!



  1. people who say happy holiday instead of merry christmas do so because not everyone is a christian, and they dont want to insult people who may be jews or muslims...seems like a very christian thing to do, to be sensitive to other's feelings.

  2. I added to my blog in reply to your thoughts. I meant to mention this also, but had forgot. Thanks.