Saturday, December 8, 2012

Democrats Pushing Us Over The Cliff!

If we go over the fiscal cliff, republicans figure that they will end up getting blamed, even though the democrats COULD MAKE SURE that taxes won’t go up on the poor and middle class also. If they would submit a budget for starters, then agree to cut spending, and then lastly accept removing some of the deductions that the wealthy have enjoyed, instead of allowing their taxes to go up, this could bring in the same amount of revenue that they would get from the raising of taxes, regardless of the denials from this administration. It would also show those on the right, that they genuinely want to reach across the aisle in good faith. Either way that it is done, it won't put a dent in our massive deficit anyway, but the democrats will not agree to the Republican’s offer and there is a reason for it that has not even entered the heads of most of the public. They MUST receive the funds they are requiring by having the Republicans agree to a 'tax increase' on the wealthy because then, and only then, would we see a civil war in the Republican party, leaving it in a shambles. That is really what the democrats want to see!

The President and democrats believe that if they remain steadfast in the insistence that raising taxes on the wealthy is the only route that they will accept and they can get the Republicans to agree to this, their base will excoriate them come time to run for their offices again. It is very obvious to anyone paying attention, that this hold out on the democrat side is JUST 'playing stinky politics.' They want what they want, which is the republicans looking as bad as they can make them look, to those who would normally vote for them, and that's all there is too it. 

Fiscally responsible republicans, conservatives and independents don't believe that raising
taxes, #1. is the best thing to do in regards to assuring jobs for the millions of Americans that are out of work right now and #2. really don't want to send more money to an administration who refuses to show any wisdom with the money that they already have! Why on earth should we send them more? What
is going on is nothing more than a power play. They just want to box the Republicans in, in such a way that they can humiliate them. This is why the White House isn't budging.

It really bothers me to watch them using these dirty tactics. Acting so compassionate and noble, while all along they are simply playing a game of disgusting political chess! They are playing it with the republicans, yes, but they are also playing it with the future of our beloved country! It's so obvious that I can't believe it. Every time I hear this President say that the rich shouldpay their fair share” knowing how much they are already paying in taxes, and how so many others literally don’t pay in anything at all, I want to throw something at the t.v. He is SO depending on an ignorant electorate. The word fair can be such a manipulative word and when governments have used it in the past, it wasn't a good thing.

Everything they say and do, is a result of some strategy. Example, why are we hearing verbage that combines income
levels of $250,000 per year mentioned in the same sentence with the words "millionaires and billionaires?" Obviously, they are NOT…but it's a cinch at this point in time, that this administration is successfully causing a majority of citizens to think badly about our wealthier citizens even though they pay the biggest amount of taxes into the government tills. If you want those making only $250,000, which is the income level that many very small business owners would fit into and you want to squeeze them financially, you mention that income level at the same time that you say "millionaires and billionaires" lumping them together in the minds of the people. I haven't heard anyone asking why this is being done. I think that I can see the strategy here however...and it reveals what I would rather not be noticing...they really don't want more jobs! If they did, they wouldn't think of taxing those making only $250,000 per year more. Many of these are small business owners, the ones who could and would be offering more jobs, in a safer financial environment.

ImJusSayin' these are the tactics of the old Soviet Union. Divide the nation, and dog the wealthy, along with whoever else they decide they want you to hate. Ask anyone who has left, or escaped any socialist country and came to live in America. I hear them call in on radio talk shows quite often, yelling, and sounding like they want to cry with what they are hearing and seeing happen to America under this administration and frankly can't believe that the majority of our country cannot see it! When leaders want you to go out and work hard, just so that they can take a majority of your money, (stay tuned, they’ll incrementally want more and more,) and determine who they will give it to, and pick the winners and losers in business - this is socialism. Slavery, actually! Punishment of the achievers, while creating a 'cradle to grave' nanny state where everyone else is dependent on you. This assures you of staying in power indefinitely, and by the time the wealthy are no longer wealthy, you’re controlling the masses in other ways, including militarily. 

ImJusSayin' again! The Republicans need to stand their ground. If we go over the cliff, blame the Democrats! They COULD HAVE JUST AS EASILY kept the taxes for the poor and middle class from going up. Call their bluff. If we go will be due to their lack of genuine concern for our country and their obsession with making the other party look bad, backfiring on them! THIS is exactly how we need to explain it too. It’s time that THEY look bad! They think that they have those on the right, in check, but I say it's time to disappoint them by telling the American people exactly what they are up to. Why in the heck should the right, keep the truth to themselves! Shout it from the rooftops. Make them lie, and deny at least! 

Either way, the unfortunate thing is, even if the left’s plans are exposed and they end up not looking so innocent, Obama wins either way that it goes, because truth be known – there’s nothing he would like better than to have ALL the taxes go up, though he doesn’t want anyone to know that. THAT would actually be a ‘best case scenario’ for him. We just can’t let them get away with dropping the blame on the republicans if they do!


  1. Do yourself a favor -- turn off Faux news.
    Your head will begin to clear, the birds will sing in the trees, the scales will fall from your eyes and you'll have time to look up the word FACTS in the dictionary, because you have little knowledge of them now.


    Months ago the Senate passed a fiscal package with spending cuts four times greater than revenue increases, and, if Bonehead Boehner would allow it to come to a vote in the House it would pass easily.

    What would that mean? No fiscal cliff. That's simple to understand, right? Even for a Faux news junkie.

    As for tax increases Obama ran on that and guess what -- he won with 52% OF THE VOTES. Poor delusional, elevator in his garage, tie his dog to the roof of his car, Romney only got 47%. People voted for raising taxes on the rich because it's fair.

    And polls show that people still OVERWHELMINGLY (70%) favor raising taxes for the richest 2%.

    It's called a democracy for reasons that Faux news and its dimwitted viewers cant grasp, the politicians are supposed to do what the majority want and not be in the pocket of the wealthy and powerful. Get it?

    If you prefer living under a different form of govt go to Iran or N Korea or China, there you wont have to worry about facts or majority rule, you'll have a whole buncha different problems -- like eating or what color berka to wear.

  2. Hope you get this Candace. Please don't let this lib progressive get to you. He tried it with me, and I found a way so I could just ignore him, and not post his ridiculous comments. He's very irrelevant, and is probably part of Obama's welfare/freebie work. You keep on writing what you believe in. Keep it going. Many of us out here appreciate you. People like this irrelevant RWT just surfs and posts lies and blasphemy....
    Politics with Pete

  3. Thanks Pete, your words are very encouraging. I stand by what I have said. In the end of days, most people will be swallowed up in delusion. God knows, I hope we're not there yet.