Monday, February 11, 2013

Time to Insist on Answers from the President on Benghazi

What was President Obama doing the afternoon, and throughout the night 
of the Benghazi massacre? Lindsey Graham says that Brennan and Hagel 
should not be approved until the president talks. Joe Biden used this strategy 
before, "no confirmation without information!" Lindsey Graham says that 
he is going to push for the same thing. What took place in Benghazi was 
shocking outrage, but the liberal media made sure that Obama got re-elected 
anyway! Most of them, decidedly overlooked it and refused to tell the country that it
happened at all, until after the election...and even then, only minimally! The President,
Hillary and Susan Rice all claimed it was an uprising over a video for two weeks after,
which we all know, that it was not! I am SO glad to see that the investigation
concerning all of this is still ongoing. Our outgoing defense minister says that Obama
didn't discuss it with anyone from 5:00 p.m. until the next morning! I have a very
hard time believing this!It's actually totally absurd! Our ambassador is being
murdered, along with many others in a terrorist attack, and our president is giving
it no attention, and no one is even filling him in on what is going on?

This 'take' on what took place that day/evening screams neglect, if true! The
continuing obfuscation taking place is mind boggling. Earlier on, we were told that
the president was aware of it all, and was being kept up on what was going on, now
the explanation of the Benghazi travesty and what was going on here in Washington
seems to be leaving the president out of it, all together. He can't have it both ways!
As of late, we were hearing that there didn't seem to be any trace of the president's
where-abouts from 5:00 p.m. until the next morning. Now, we hear a report says that
says between 8 and 9:00 p.m. he spoke to the Israeli Prime Minister. The story is
continually evolving and changing.

ImJusSayin'...I am reluctantly coming to a very disturbing conclusion, (and 
don't think I'm alone) in part, because of the interview on the Judge Jeanine
show with the mother of one of the computer geeks who died in that attack, along with
our Ambassador and others. I blogged about it before...she told the Judge that he 
told her, he believed that "they knew too much!" A statement like that begs the
question,"about what?" Rand Paul, of late, is suggesting that there may have been
gun running going on over there, by our government! An uncomfortable conclusion 
is nagging within my soul, also in part, because of all the ongoing evasion of this
administration and all the mystery that is clouding us from learning just exactly who
knew what, when, etc. Judge Jeanine had her on her show the other night, again, but
that particular interview was very lack luster, and didn't reveal much of anything, this
time around. I was hoping that she would press her on the specific statement that she
had made in their last interview, but she didn't. That, too, was very frustrating.

I am praying that God will bring out the truth. All those who have suffered, died, all
of their families...and the American people...DESERVE to have the true, and 
full story told...regardless of the outcome.

Im JusSayin'...Justice is waiting to be served up, to whom it is due.

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