Thursday, January 31, 2013

An INTERVENTION For Our Country's 'Liberal SLIDE!' (Read "Who's Lookin' Out For The Folks?" FIRST)

What, oh what shall we do? Shall we plan an 'intervention?' to STOP our country's

Liberal SLIDE? One like Alinon might prescribe for one addicted to gambling, and 

spending? Well, I believe that is exactly what we had hoped to accomplish 

this past election!!  So now what? My guess is, we need to take these next four 

years and educate, educate, and educate some more! In as many ways and  

fashions as possible. We need to discuss openly and unashamedly, and also in more  

subtle ways. I'm glad to hear that Rush Limbaugh is now designing more of 

what he shares on his radio shows to reach the uninformed and the 

under informed voter, and is sharing some of his radio time with other 

important leaders in our party, like Marco Rubio, to get our message out.  

He has other ideas, also, that he is implementing to get more people listening 

to his show that must hear a conservative message of hope and help for 

our country. "Good for you, Rush!" 

Another idea: I think we need to get conservatives on all school and college boards, 

BIG TIME! Those who are willing to do even more than just keep the spending down,

but keep an eye on those text books, making sure that TRUE history is being taught 

and facts of our American and Christian heritage are NOT left out. Start classes and 

clubs that teach and encourage students, teachers and parents to learn and KNOW 

our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Making sure that English teachers are not teaching 

and indoctrinating socialism to their students. Any and all tactics of intimidation against 

conservative students need to be stopped! Colleges need to get back to allowing 

students to express ALL ideas without discrimination. Today, conservative students 

experience many forms of intimidation in the classrooms, and on the campuses. 

Virtually no conservative speakers are invited to address the students. Protests should 

be planned and carried out whenever this isn't allowed. (There were years when it 

was the liberals who did this, now they are running most colleges!)

ImJusSayin, it's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention, that our 

schools desperately need classes in civility, ethics, and others that 

would help students to consider more conservative living choices

as viable options for themselves and their own families  when they

have them. No doubt this could also result in changing one's

political views and voting habits, as well.

I would personally love to see courses offered in High School in how to take a 

product through the stages necessary to bring it to market. There's nothing like 

learning how to start and run your own business to help you to recognize the 

importance of this contribution to society. This introduction could show thousands of 

young people not only a pathway to success, but give them the faith to move forward 

and truly get ahead, rather than ending up in dead end jobs doing things they have no 

interest in. It could mean the the difference for some, of convincing them NOT to get

into selling drugs to make money. Obviously you would want to have, as part of this 

course, a class that would show them the costs involved, and the way high taxes and 

over regulation can keep their companies from growing and creating as many jobs as 

they would like. Hello thousands of new, young conservative minded voters! 

This could open up to encouraging the successful business men and women with 

capital to invest in great ideas, and with a mind to see our country experience the 

'paradigm shift' she needs to change the hearts and minds of the younger generation. 

We need more conservatives running free, or low cost (yearly) conferences in cities 

around the country, covering these types of topic, and also be there looking for 

innovative products and ideas to help people along their endeavor to start businesses 

and bring new products to the public. A great feature could be having people with 

capital to come along side with funds to help with the development and marketing of 

the best ideas.  

No Shark Tank t.v. show-style help, however...that too often seems to exploit 

those who come on that show for help, by buying them out for peanuts, or insisting on 

the greater percentage of the business and leaving them with only a smidgen. This 

show can definitely give the 1%ers a BAD name! None of that. Only those who have

a heart and mind to find and help worthy young entrepreneurs to move them along

their roads to success should get involved.  More business owners, more conservative 

thinking citizens, equal more educated, 'informed' voters. Having more people less 

vulnerable to the socialist message, less fooled by it, is what we would be after. 

Teaching about, yes, but also getting into the trenches and HELPING 

people to understand and experience the beauty and blessings of a free 

enterprise system and capitalistic society. Football teams send out scouts 

to find good football players...maybe people with a this vision to stop our 

nation's slide to the left, might see a part that they could play in looking for 

new entrepreneurs with products/ideas to help in some ongoing fashion as 

what I've shared. 

We will also need as many Marco Rubio style conservatives, and 'forward 

thinking' leaders in decision making positions and offices as possible, in all 

levels of society. It's also time to embrase the concept of working for 'incremental 

changes' made over generations, like the Chinese, and the socialists in our country 

have been doing for a long time. They have been willing to put in the time and the 

footwork, over the long haul to make the changes If they can't be there, they 

pay people to do what they want to see done, such as protesting! We 

need to be PRO ACTIVE about what we believe to be right, ourselves. 

Who knew that it might actually come down to these types of community 

endeavors with feet on the ground that could make the biggest differences 

in our culture?...but I think that we are there, and need to see it through, 

and walk  this out.

ImJussayin' we're going to need authors and movie makers to make more movies,

write more books, lacing our conservative messages into the plot, the way it was 

done in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and how it has been done in Glenn 

Beck's new novel, "Agenda 21." We need more conservatives in Hollywood to 'come 

out' and speak out boldly for freedom from the tyranny of governments who overreach 

and  overtax, etc.  We need famous musicians to take their place in this Intervention 

of Education...and write more songs about the age that we're living in with the 

dangers ahead if we don't do anything. The lefties wrote them in the sixties and 

seventies, now it's our turn! I know that there are some, but we need to inundate the

You tube generation with serious, heartfelt music, skits, theater, and more. Our more

famous 'talking heads' need to stop repeating over and over the same things that they 

have, with terms that the 'uninformed' voter just doesn't get! Like using words like

'demegod' and GDP! If you use them, for Gosh sakes, explain them! Every moment

should be considered a 'teachable moment' to take advantage of. 

There's another thing I've been thinking about. It's important to 

have dialogue about the harm that is being done to our nation by 

leftist policies, no doubt, but, if in the end, we have spend all of 

our time 'talking about what the left is doing' and not enough time DOING things 

to further our own agendas, (other than just talking,) that we are fooling ourselves 

that we are going to successfully stop anything. That idea alone could fill another 

whole blog post! I think that we should be discussing NEW ideas, NEW things that 

we can appropriate with the changing of hearts and minds, to the right side things 

as the goal. People who believe that they can make a good living for 

themselves, without the need of governmental help is what we are after. 

Just talking conservative, political theories all the time isn't enough. This generation 

seems to be looking for more than talk, they want to know how much you care about 

them! Socialists are very GOOD at convincing people that they care about them...and 

creating legislation that also seems as if they do...but we know that it all only creates 

a government that becomes more and more controlling over our lives. We talk...they DO

...and we saw the fruits of their actions, and the result of our IN-ACTIONS in this last 

election. Talking, sharing, teaching...ALL good, as I have said, but more must be done. 

Things MUST be done, out where the low information voters live! This will be 

SHOWING the younger generation that we care. THEN, and only then, will they be 

more likely to look our way, and listen!

ImJussayin, last, but definitely not least, we need to be praying more! I'm 

not praying "God Bless America" as much as I used to. I find myself praying: 

"Please Lord, have mercy on America, save her, and help her to change her 

ways, so that you can bless her, once again! 

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