Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who's Really Lookin' Out for The Folks? (Read Before INTERVENTION Blog Post!)

When George W. and the republicans fought for all the "Bush" tax cuts during his

administration, the democrats were FIGHTING against them, calling them tax cuts 

for the 
wealthy only! It has become apparent, since it was time for them to run out, 

that they were LYING! Why do I say this, you ask? This time, they refused to even refer 

to them as the "BUSH TAX CUTS." No, instead they craftily chose to refer to them as:

Tax cuts for "the middle class" acting as if keeping their taxes low had always 

been their true main focus!  During that fiasco you would never had known that 

they didn't want any of these tax cuts during Bush's time in office. They also did their
'wicked best' to mischaracterize the motives and goals of the Republicans once more!!

Of course, the republicans wanted to keep everyone's taxes from going up in this  

recession because they know that it would help us all, in many ways, directly and

indirectly, but NO, they demanded that the republicans only cared about 

the wealthy.  I, for one, am so tired of the constant beating of that drum! I am  

not considered wealthy, but have absolutely no problem understanding how a low

tax, pro business program is designed for my good, and that of my country, as well!

ImJusSayin'  conservatives wanted to make the tax cuts permanent. The 

democrats didn't. Though they finally did agreed to some, who then, shall 

we say was really lookin' out for the folks? We want this administration to address 

our nation's debt, by submitting reasonable budget and by cutting back 



OF OUR COUNTRY! I was so pleased to hear Speaker Boehner suggesting no 

paychecks for those in the Senate until they do! If they aren't doing the work 

that we sent them to do...then by all means withhold their pay!! (Good to know 

that they are also listening to many of us on Facebook, after all! LOL :)

We were also all recently shocked to hear that President Obama told Speaker 

Boehner, during fiscal cliff negotiations, that we really don't have a spending 

problem!  The other night, while watching the news, there was the Senator 

from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu declaring the same lunacy from the senate floor! 

That gives you some idea what we're dealing with in this party!

I've felt for quite awhile, along with others, that President Obama has 

no real concerns that our country could be heading towards bankruptcy if we 

don't change directions drastically. It's becoming apparent, that he just wants 

to tax away as much money from those who he determines can 'afford it' - and 

redistribute it! This seems to be one of the main goals of this president...though 

we don't want to leave out, helping the radical Muslim countries as much as he 

possibly can. In a recent post, I put out there that I also thought that he was 

hell bent on causing a 'civil war' in the republican party, only to hear 

later that destroying our party WAS a main focus of his, after all!

ImJusSayin,' from where I sit, this is how it looks like to me. That is, if I call 

it like I see it, but then again, if I choose to only believe what our President 

is saying, then I might not call it that way at all! With that note, I'm going to share

something, that at first, may seem way off my topic, but bear with me, the similarities 

will become apparent...

My husband and I will be married for 37 years this March. We married young 

and partied way too much to be able to successfully keep it together.  However, with 

God's 'big time' help and a wonderful Alinon group for me, we have actually ended up

having a very good marriage, (all glory be to God!) My husband is a wonderful man. 

We have been tea-totelers for over 25 years now. "Wow" you might say, "she has really

gotten off topic this time!" Well, it may seem as though I have, but I'm going 

somewhere here. One of the most helpful things I learned about was codependency. 

An interesting fact about those who are co-dependent to someone who is addicted 

to a life changing substance, such as alcohol, drugs, or maybe even to gambling, 

and over that they will, without special training, believe everything 

that the user SAYS and overlook everything that the user DOES!  This gives 

them far more slack than they deserve or should ever be given. The saddest part is, 

it puts the trusting co-dependent, who keeps wanting to believe the best of the addict, 

in a position to be used a lot, and buffaloed continuously.  Unless those around 

him get help and recover from their own co dependency, the addict will become 

quite an amazing con artist which helps to keep his 'stinking thinking' and addictions


Okay, back to President Obama and (in my humble opinion) over half of

America's active voters, at present!  I think it's clear that this President is 

addicted to spending MONEY...and in this case, to other people's money! He's 

proven to be quite the gambler as well.  To some, he's seen as a very good 

hearted fellow, willing to dole out tax payers money to many unions who 

faithfully supported him, to many failed 'green' businesses, and other countries

too...yes, to their way of thinking, he gives to many very needy causes!  

Unfortunately, the multiple millions of hard working citizens who are having to 

'give it up' aren't at all interested in these agendas or endeavors, at all! They aren't 

willing to sit back quietly while our country continues to lose our relevancy, and 

the super power status that we have always enjoyed, and earned!

Since this post is getting a bit lengthy, I invite you to read my next 

blog post entitled: 

The INTERVENTION Needed To Stop Our Country's Liberal Slide!

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