Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paula Deen's Pathetic Apology, Appropriate, But Hard to Watch Knowing There is Reverse Racism Going On Daily.

It was very disheartening yesterday, to hear about Paula Deen's admission to having used racial slurs in her past. Though I fully agree that using the N word (and the mind-set behind it) are never acceptable when referring to our African American friends, (and even those who may not be considered friends,) I find myself increasingly frustrated with the clear double standard that is taking place on this topic in our country today.

If we all lived in a town called 'Fairville' even black musicians, comedians, actors, radio talk show hosts, and/or politician who uttered racially charged lyrics, comments, or slurs, would also be in line to receive the same parana style, media pile-on and sudden loss of reputation and financial death, that their white counterparts receive for their racially charged verbal sins...but then again, if that same 'fair minded world' really existed, something tells me that after a period of scorn, most likely 'mercy' would be granted and second chances given, since in Fairville, everyone knows that they all have clay feet, and that no one is perfect.

However, here in "Real-ville" those guilty of racist views, words, or actions...if they happen to be white, will indeed be crucified, but if black?.. they will receive little more than a hand slap, if that, whilst the media, all but look the other way. No scorn given, no need for an apology. Actually, in the instances that I can recall, it was either tolerated, fully overlooked, or laughed at as if it were a joke-able issue! Tell me I to believe that  racism can only be found in the hearts and minds of those human beings that God created with white skin?

Louis Farrakhan stated once that blacks could not be guilty of racism because they were not in power. I've never quite understood that, because I have always believed that racism is a sin of the heart. It's a feeling, and or belief that one person is somehow 'less in value' than another person is, based solely due to the color of their skin, or ethnicity. To think in this way is not only racist, but it is blatantly untrue. God formed each one of us in our mother's womb...therefore, we are all of his design. If each one has been designed personally by God himself, it stands to reason, that each one of us is very valuable to him. We gain our level of value in that fact alone. Jesus Christ, approximately 2000 years ago, hung upon a cross, taking the penalty of our sins upon himself, (in our place.) In having planned, and allowing this, God himself, was declaring as clearly as possible, that humanity was deeply valuable to our Him...not willing that any should perish, but that all should have the opportunity to bypass hell, and be with Him, throughout eternity. Jesus' own blood purchased the full pardon for all who will come to God, just as they are, sorry for their sins (which may indeed include racism,) to receive son-ship, and forgiveness, through his Son. The Bible says that there is 'no respect of persons' with God, meaning that we are all the same to him. He does not love one more than another, he loves us all the same. He doesn't esteem any one of us higher than the other, because of the color of our skin, this much, we can know for sure!

I find myself frustrated, first, because it seems that racism is only addressed if it is found to have been perpetrated by a Caucasian individual or group. Addressed, it should be, but racist statements and attitudes by any, should be scorned. If we just take Louis Farrakhan's definition, (even though I don't agree with it,) and look at all the African Americans who hold positions of power at this time in our country, it would certainly seem that there is now 'adequate evidence' that the 'time' has come to justly begin holding our fellow black Americans responsible for racist words and attitudes that they may be guilty of, as well. We now have a black President, heading into a second term, at that! Our Court systems, our Congress and Senate have many African Americans holding those seats today. President Obama has also appointed many black leaders in his administration. Eric Holder, and now Susan Rice, just to name a couple. We have black governors, mayors, and many a city counsel and school board with African Americans, now serving.  It is now common place to have male and female black leadership in every level of life, from politics, and religion, to CEO's of major companies. From doctors, nurses, and business owners, to principles and teachers in all levels of learning.

We have come a long way in our culture in recognizing the value of all people today. Yet, in America we seem to be quite lax in expecting that many in the black community should extend the same mindset of equality and grace to their fellow white skinned citizens, as is demanded of those in the white race, to give to them. Everyone speaking kindly and respectfully should be the end goal for all of us. For those who struggle, for whatever reason, be it upbringing, peer pressure, or just sins of the heart, God's 'sanctifying' power is available to us ALL if we'll but ask him for it. He helps people to align themselves with his heart and will and to those of our forefathers too for that matter, by embracing the truths that all men are created equal, and endowed with certain inalienable rights. Period. Due to that statement being unarguably is time for all people to be held accountable for racist words and behavior, not only white Americans.

Daneen Borelli, a black female commentator on Fox News also thinks that there is a huge double standard in America. Even Trayvon Martin's girlfriend testified on June 30th, that while she was talking to him on the phone, he referred to George Zimmerman as a "creepy-ass Cracker" followed by more profanity. All the attention is being focused on whether George (who is of Mexican heritage, by the way) was a racist...but obviously young Trayvon Martin clearly WAS! Where is all the conversation and outrage about that? Daneen and Laura Ingraham were discussing, (June 26th) how Hip Hop Music is riddled with filthy, degrading, and racially charged lyrics, but artists like Drake are given a free pass in the name of artistic liberty! These lyrics, and music, when listened to over and over can engrain these ways of thinking into the minds of our young. What good can come from this? Certainly not healthy self respect, or respect of anyone else, either!

Daneen Borelli also said, that Paula Deen had given what she had thought to be, "a genuine apology," and thought that that should be enough. Now, she said, we should let the "free market" decide if she sinks or swims, basically. I agree with many radio show hosts that I heard today, that someone shouldn't lose their ability to earn a living, over things that they uttered 30 years ago! If a woman in her hire was truly harmed, she should exact monetary justice equal to the discrimination and humiliation that she can prove that she experienced, no doubt! Then, Paula may experience this loss of money, and respect, and most likely the loss of viewers and fans, in a natural chain of events. Eventually the show will survive, or be cancelled based on what happens but no one should be insisting or forcing this to happen to her, overnight!! This is just too severe. I have come to this decision based on the reality that while she is experiencing such a severe 'punishment' there is reverse racism going on in word and deed, against white Americans, every day without anything being said or done, about it! Paula Deen said, if there is anyone out there who is 'without sin' cast the first stone at my head! Can anyone, white or black say that they have never sinned? I think not!

I went to an inner city Junior High and High School in the 60's and 70's. As far back as that, there was blatant reverse racism that would go on. Young, feisty black students could talk back to the teachers, and get up and leave the classes and then come back in, anytime that they wanted to, or not at all, without ever being addressed. The white student could never have gotten away with that. I experienced and watched direct racism perpetrated on white students, quite often...and no one ever told, and no one was ever held responsible for what was done or said...regardless of the serious nature of it, for fear of reprisal, later.

My sister was harassed and experienced physical abuse by young black boys on her bus, quite often. Again, never addressed to my parents satisfaction. I was personally referred to as a white bit-- quite a few times, and told not to even think of dating "their guys," which is how their threat was stated...or else! I had a girlfriend call me one day when I had stayed home, begging me to 'stay on the phone' because she had been encircled by a gang of black female students who were taunting her in the hall, threatening to "beat her a-- after school," simply because she had had the 'audacity' to tell a couple female black students who had cut in front of us in the lunch line, not to, and suggested they start at the back of the line, like everyone else had had to do. I'm sure that many stories of racism could be told by black and white students alike in numerous school, but I think that there is also merit in bringing up the fact that a lot needs to be done in addressing the racism that white Americans experience everyday at the hand of black citizens too. As I said, in Fairville, it would be addressed and nipped in the bud, but in Realville, it rarely is.

We had a bathroom on the second floor, that I went into, and even used the bathroom, then later  found out that NO white girls were ALOUD to go into it. I was told that threats had been made, and so, there was much fear of being beaten up if they had attempted to use it. The old saying, "if looks could kill" certainly held true in that situation. I guess my angels were definitely working overtime for me on that day. I also want to make very clear, however, that there were definitely many wonderful black students that I enjoyed friendships with and still do, to this day. I often remember, as a young person, thinking just how different the behavior was between those who were kind to all, and those who were racist (both black and white,) and decided that the difference could most likely be attributed to the influences that they must be experiencing at home. It hurt my feelings to think that some of those families might be talking 'trash' about white people, when we were doing our due diligence to judge people by the contents of their character, rather than the color of their skin...and when treated harshly, the challenge was NOT to use a 'broad brush' in judging all those in one race, by the few that were racists and behaving badly. I and others of my friends learned to bear up under the verbal abuse, threats, and disrespect, we received, for no reason except for the fact that we were Caucasian.

Now, in granddaughter experienced both verbal and physical abused by both a young black male and female, and in the furtherance of 'fairness' I will include, by other white students, as different times in her school, and neighborhood. Not much of anything was done about it by that school system, which caused her parents to finally decide it was time to remove her, and home school her, themselves. I'm glad to say that she is doing well without the stresses and fears that she had before. Racism and abuse hurts, regardless of who perpetrates it, and who is the recipient of it, but all need to realize that there needs to be accountability when it takes place.

I decided to blog about this very important topic in part, being influenced by Paula Deen's recent 'fall from grace' but also in part by our country's Attorney General, Eric Holder who has said that he thought that we should be discussing racial issues in our country more, but then said that he considered most to be too cowardly to do so! Maybe it's out of fear that they would be misunderstood, say something wrong, and experience excommunication in some radical and painful way. So most don't say anything.

I'd like to think that I'm not a I am weighing in. I wanted to bring attention to the fact that the racism that does still exist is not only being perpetrated by America's white citizens against blacks. It is happening every day in every level of life against white American citizens as well.  IF we all indeed, truly have the same 'value' and IF we are all truly 'equal'  which I have already showed to be true that WE ARE due to God's declaration that we are...then it's due TIME to expect respect from ALL Americans, TO ALL Americans and begin a dialogue about this. 

I'm saying all this just to say...yes, there may still be racism (specifically discussing white against black, in our country,) but I believe that it is far less than it has ever been, the evidence is clear of that, and that is a good thing. A majority of Americans voted in a black man to lead our country, as our President - twice now. Out of the many thousands of others who did not, the majority of them, honestly just do not believe that his policies are helping our country to recover, and to be strong and safe. I happen to be one of them. Fairness, is the word embraced by so many on the left, in politics right now, and believe it to be the 'guiding light' that we should make all other decisions and policies why should we not expect 'fairness' in this very important topic that I raise? If those in the black community would not like to see what is happening to Paula Deen and others that have 'fallen' before her, happen to them, and those they esteem, then as a country, we all need to make it a point to speak and behave admirably to our fellow Americans and we have to start adopting a more merciful way of dealing with it when we fall, which would involve scorn, yes, but then, if genuine repentance is shown, grace and forgiveness should be given  as a nation, in the same way that we would all want God to forgive us.

ImJusSayin'...this knee jerk reaction and strategy to 'pile on and destroy' is not going to do anything but set up, and encourage a culture in our country, (which I believe is already happening) that knowingly, or unknowingly spawns and upholds once again, an improper assumption that one race is to be respected above all others, out of fear!  This mindset was not right for the white race to expect, back in the day, and it is not right for any other race, or ethnic group to expect today, either. We should be fostering fairness, not division among our citizenry, and respect to all, from all.  Anything short of this is beneath us as Americans. Most of us pray earnestly for God's guidance and blessings on our country and people, and pray that he not remove his mercy from us. We ALL need to emulate his ways, to one another. He IS paying attention, after all.


  1. I think your totally right on with this blog! Thank you for being honest and telling it like it is!

  2. This blog was written very smart. I am impressed with the way you told the truth mixed with values and concern along with moral teachings. Very Honest!