Saturday, July 13, 2013

Awaiting The Jurys Verdict On George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin Case


Okay, many are stating these days that, "bloggers aren't real journalists," well...many may not be, but then again some actually are! Reading the varied array of bloggers today, can be better than reading the 'Kool-Aid' drinking journalists of today, who aren't even doing the job that their 'title' would lead you to believe that they would be doing. Many today, are tainted by political correctness, fear of falling out of the good graces of their 'leftist leaders' and running with the 'pack mentality' rather than thinking on their own, and risking opposition. These days there are multiple thousands of blogger commentators, such as myself, weighing in on trending social and political topics of the day, and this one is no different, so here goes:
Give me a break! Everybody keeps saying, "If George Zimmerman would have just listened to the dispatcher and gotten back into his car, none of this would ever have happened!" Well, I'd like to suggest this: "If Trayvon had of just quickly headed home, instead of hanging around, addressing "Z" with his 'attitude' then 'colcocking' him (breaking his nose) and then jumping on him, repeatedly smashing his head into the concrete, followed by his threat that "you're gonna die tonight," then he would most likely be alive today, and none of it would have happened...either!
Yes, both men were making decisions in this case...and yes, I did say "both men." Whenever I speak of a male person about 17 years old, I always refer to him as a "young MAN..." and that is what they prefer to being called...not a "child." Although the pictures that are repeatedly shown of Trayvon have him looking like an innocent young boy, he had grown up quite a bit since then, and had been making decisions in his life, at the time of this incident, that were far from innocent or admirable. Trouble in school and smoking marijuana were two of them, that have been cited. Marijuana may not cause you to become violent, but it can definitely cause you to become very 'phobic' and distort your judgment, for sure!
George Zimmerman, and those who lived in this community were obviously very tired of the fact that this area had been being targeted for B & E's for some time, and according to the reports, even after as many as 40 calls to the local police, they weren't getting much help stopping it. Slow responses were allowing suspicious individuals to go unaddressed by authorities. I heard a report on the radio the other day, of a story of a young woman, in that neighborhood, and her young child. Her home was broken into, and she ended up hiding in a small closet with only a pair of scissors for protection, had she been found! Their fears and frustrations in regards to their safety, around there, were not unfounded!
George Zimmerman showed a lot of courage being willing to be the leader of this neighborhood watch group. I'm sure that the other neighbors were glad that he had been willing to take on this role.  I for one, don't appreciate everyone in the media making him out to be a "wanna-be cop" just because he cared about the safety of his neighbors, and he had gone through the required classes to be able to lawfully 'conceal and carry' a gun. If you were going to take this role, and you knew that you could, very likely, be dealing with characters who didn't have respect for people, proven by stealing from them, and wouldn't want to head out to possibly have to address any of them, unarmed. If you did, you would be a fool!

I've watched stories on the news about Neighborhood Watch Groups being started up in some of the more high crime black communities, and they always portrayed the leaders of them in positive ways, not why should George Zimmerman be treated as if he is some nasty, racist, just because he wants a safe place to live for his family and neighbors?
In another vein, the fact that George had gone through the requirements to 'conceal and carry' is another, sorley overlooked reason, (in my opinion,) as to why there has been such a huge political involvement in this case...i.e. our justice department, headed by Eric Holder, (using our tax dollars) to fund opposition to and protests against George Zimmerman not having been arrested in the first place. There were 'racial profiling' reasons, in their minds, no doubt, but they also saw an opportunity to make an example of him to all those other 'law abiding' Americans in our country, who 'conceal and carry' themselves. What a great way to cause them to all becoming deathly afraid to use their weapons to protect themselves and others, should such a situation arise!
ImJusSayin' these are just some of the thoughts that have been going through my mind, and I feel confident to say, in many others, too. Finding out that George was a blend of both Jewish and Mexican and also tutored African American students of his own volition put to rest any accusations of him being a racist in my mind. Jews are a race and culture unto themselves, and are not considered 'white.' They understand the pain of 'racism' in very unique ways, themselves...and who would argue that Mexicans don't experience marginalization, and racism as well? In the very beginning, when every liberal black leader was out there demanding that this was a white on black, 'racial crime,' and that, George Zimmerman had "hunted Trayvon down like a dog" (for one,) I remember thinking that making this claim so soon, was very irresponsible and jumping the gun - at best, and at worst - was a very reverse-racist knee jerk reaction!' Clearly, they should have waited to find out more about George before making these accusation! Seems like in the minds of some, if a person is white, that also equals: RACIST! Which is absolutely false, I'm here to say!
Another thing, hard not to have noticed, was Trayvon's parents not having any problem standing with them all, giving the full impression that they were in total agreement with all of the 'racial accusations' being thrown at George Z...until we all heard the evidence that it was Trayvon who brought race into the situation first, by calling George a "creepy-white cracker!" Now, they have been back-peddling, and have made numerous statements that the case "has nothing to do with race!" Again, the assumed 'whitey' George, would be held fully accountable for all alleged 'racial profiling' but young Trayvon's 'sin'...even though proven, was fully pardoned and overlooked.

This might be a good place to also state what I'm seeing as obvious proof that Zimmerman had
not been 'racially profiling' and simply 'hunting Trayvon down' and wanting to shoot him, as has been suggested...because if that is what George had had on his mind, he wouldn't have been communicating with the police, as he was doing, and Trayvon would never have had the opportunity to get so close to George to have broken his nose, and then pin him to the ground.  George would have shot him, long before either of these things had transpired. These are obvious observances to me. 
When there is 'black on white' crimes, which there are far more than are reported, for sure, such as a recent case discussed on Hannity's radio show, this past Friday, that happened his summer, with 4 black men beating the tar out of a white man...actually murdering him in the middle of a don't hear about this being described as a 'hate crime' or reported by the liberal media at all, for that matter. Four black men against one white man? Give me a break! In North Carolina, in the past month, three black men broke into the home of a elderly white woman and raped her! This is disgusting beyond words...again, no report on a national level...and no reports of it being a 'hate crime' in that community, as of yet...Something is dreadfully wrong here!
Not reporting black on white crime, in the same way that we report white on black a crime against all Americans in too many ways to go into in this blog. Fairer reporting would insist on and promote justice, accountability, and promote safer and healthier choices and actions from everyone! It would also discourage all crime, and soothe the feelings of racial injustices that are many times felt in the white race, as well. Up till now, this has obviously not been an important enough topic to discuss...I beg to differ, and I am not alone. The George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case, has embolden many to begin discussing topics such as this. There has been fear of the media, and reporters to write articles about these occurrences in the past, I believe, they were concerned that it could 'cause' more white on black 'revenge crimes.' The reality is, all the movies about racism in America's past, played over and over, and any real or 'perceived' white on black 'racial crimes' have clearly caused heightened racial indignities in our black communities and could be the cause of 'revenge' type crimes against whites in America. Where is the concern about that? It can happen, and does either way, does that justify only reporting on one, and not on the other?
Why is this type of injustice happening? Look at the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin incident...everyone was drooling at the opportunity to quicky categorize it as a 'hate crime' with a 'white man' viciously hunting down an innocent "Skiddles eating" black if eating Skiddles proves that you could never do anything wrong! Admittedly, it's been made pretty clear that Trayvon, was on his way home from having gone to a neighborhood store, and most likely had no nefarious activities planned, on that night, anyway. However, no one really has any proof that he was never involved in any mischief around there, or if he had in any way aided or abetted those who had broken into the homes there, in the past. We do know, though, according to the testimony of his very good friend...that he did have racist tendencies...and it has recently come out that he may have been planning to buy a gun, online. In a white youth all of the above would be scorned by all, and could ruin his reputation for sure...but racial slurs, planning to buy a gun, and very possibly a racist belief system, by Trayvon is minimized and forgotten. I just don't get it.
Obviously, this jury has a lot to think about in attempting to bring 'justice' in this case. Justice demands that you find laws that may have been broken, and determine the lawful repercussions for having broken them. Have laws not been broken, have they been adhered to? Would it be executing 'justice' simply by making one pay for the loss of life that occurred if in reality, or in the shooters belief, he was protecting himself against bodily harm, or impending death? (Which is exactly what is required in Florida's law for George to have used his gun to stop this from happening.) The evidence has also proven his fear of this, as legitimate. Also, Judge Jeanine of FOX news says that she has never seen a jury of all women. Do we really believe that this is a jury of George Zimmerman's peers. I think not.

Should it be determined that George be sent to prison for life, for not having been a white racist, and for not having broken any laws? Certainly, not obeying a dispatcher is not against the law either? Would it actually make everyone feel better...or bring young Trayvon back? Or, would it actually cause a whole lot of other, even scarier concerns for Caucasian Americans everywhere, who may need to protect themselves at some point, if their attacker happens to end up being a black man? Granted, in this case, with George and Trayvon, we have two men, sorely misunderstanding the motives of the other, and travesty is the end result...but what about many other situations that may occur, in the coming days or years...across our land? Can my caucasian husband and son, protect themselves if attacked by an African American assailant? Will they be trusted, to have been able to determine correctly if their health or lives were in danger, enough to protect themselves with a gun, if need be? Or would they be assaulted with false accusations of 'racist' or have a bounty put out on their lives by The New Black Panther Party, or others who would do such a thing? Will all the liberal black leaders have a knee jerk reaction, and immediately come to the aid of the attacker, because he was black? Would they all and start yelling, "Crucify Him"...just because of the color of their skin being white? How can we not ask ourselves these questions after watching this happen before our very eyes?

I, for one, am not as confident after this case, that Lady Justice is still wearing a blindfold, and not seeing skin color. Isn't that what we all want? With all the shananigans that have taken place in trying to 'prove' the unfounded accusation that George, was 'white' (what a joke,) and that somehow this should prove that he was guilty of racially profiling Trayvon, has given us insight into just how insistent some will be in the belief that just because a person is white that there must be racism, in their actions and decisions. This is very disheartening to me. 

As I've stated before, if either George or Trayvon had carried out their role differently, and made different decisions, we wouldn't even be talking, reporting, or blogging about it today...but, tragically, I can see other cases, down the road, where people will also have to make the soul wrenching decision to shoot and kill an attacker at some point. If George Zimmerman is found guilty and faces prison time - this will open up a whole new can of worms. Some will insist that Florida's law is too lenient and try to force it to be changed...while other states will choose to adopt a Florida-type law, to discourage attacks being perpetrated on any of their citizens. I believe, if George does go to prison...we will see more black on white attacks in the future because there will be less fear of our judicial system holding them accountable because of this case. Where's the justice in that?

ImJusSayin' there are many issues underlying and intertwined in this case; racial, political, emotional...and many across social media are discussing it on all these levels. Hopefully, however, this jury will allow the 'laws of Florida' to keep them on the high ground, and on the right path, and choose to make sure that 'justice' is doled out appropriately for George Zimmerman, and those who love him, as well. I realize that the deep sorrow that we all feel, associated with Mr. and Mrs. Martin's loss of their son, can pull you to feeling a misguided notion that his 'shooter' must be sent off to prison to make something right...but I believe, allowing emotions to rule this decision will actually negate true justice.

Did George Zimmermam 'break the law' in any of his decisions that led to Trayvon's death. This is the important question at hand. This is, as you know, the duty of those seated on this jury and what they must be guided by. However, you can never tell how a jury will decide...and so we wait...all of America,  waiting...and praying for God's guidance, truth, and peace, to prevail in the hearts and minds of each jury member, and all those across our land, regardless of the outcome...

and let us pray, that cooler heads, will prevail...especially after we hear the verdict.

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