Friday, July 26, 2013

A Few Thoughts About Anthony Weiner's Insistence on Becoming the Mayor of New York!

Imagine if we didn't live in the high tech, computerized world that we do now...would Mr. "Danger" have told his wife Huma, that he was running out to the store for ice cream or whatever he could think up, and actually end up taking late night walks in the park to open his coat and reveal himself to unsuspecting young ladies?

Long ago, you could call someone and make crank calls...there wasn't anyway for people to know who it was...if Anthony was living in those 'good ol' days'...would he be looking up single ladies names in the telephone book to call them, and shock the bejeebers out of them with filthy sex talk when they picked up the receiver?

If you had a daughter, (or a niece), who was going through an immoral time in her life, not showing the discretion that you would hope...and you find out that your married mayor was sending pictures of his privates to her...and that they were 'sex-ting' messages back and forth? Would you be able to take this man serious, ever again - as the leader of your state...or just as a man, for that matter?  

I for one, do NOT think that the people of New York, or any city should ever knowingly vote a person into office who has already proven himself, or herself, to be sexually deviant. I realize that there may be many who disagree that this type of activity is even wrong, but remember, Anthony and his wife have made it very clear that he has received much counseling over the past year, and that he has been working very hard to stop, and have apologized twice! This behavior says loud and clear that they know that this behavior is abnormal and undesirable, especially in the life of a leader. However, now we find out that 'Carlos Danger' continued to be alive and well, his promises of change were just lies.

By the time a person goes through the stages of feeding his own sexual appetites privately, to crossing over those invisible boundary lines - into deviancy, then actually putting it all out there for others to see and hear...that person is no longer capable of sound judgement anymore! By engaging young women that he didn't even know, he has proven that his compulsive behavior was way out of control!

ImJusSayin - Anthony Weiner, admitted to his last young phone and sexting girlfriend, that he was an, "argumentative, perpetually horny, middle aged man!" Imagine he is voted in as could any woman work with him, and not be uncomfortable in his presence? This man would clearly be vulnerable to blackmail besides! Give me a break!

And last, but not least...I have always thought that the fact that the sex slave industry has gotten SO large that it is even referred to as 'an industry' could never have happened unless there were many, many very liberal, extremely deviant  people in positions of power who are complicit in many different ways - from looking the other way, to being paid to be quiet, to actually participating in it, in some way. We MUST insist that only people of high character hold positions of power in our cities, states, and in our federal government as well.

ImJusSayin - there are victims of sex slavery, right now, praying for deliverance from their captors...women and children who have been abducted. They, their families, and thousands of others who care passionately about this issue... praying for break-throughs and trusting that the people running our cities, our states, our country - will make decisions that will make a difference for them! And those who are free? They vote in sexual deviants, (like Weiner), who, no doubt, feed their addictions at the hog trough of pornography, where you will find thousands of sex slave victims! If you don't know the first thing about appropriate boundaries in your own life, you shouldn't be forcing yourself into ours by running for Mayor, or for ANY elected position. This is simply disgusting! 

Thank God for Bill O'Reilly. He loves to expose Judges who just slap the hands of pedophiles...which is just another twisted way that the sexually deviant 'act out.' Yes, being a pedophile is one way that a person acts out, but I believe that being a judge that will just give them a hand slap, and let them out to strike again, is most likely, either being paid off, or has sexually deviant ways, himself! It's time to insist on high morals for all of our elected officials, and I mean that...regardless of what letter comes after their name! 

Some say that the leaders we vote in reflect ourselves...sort of a temperature gauge of our own moral standing. If this is true, and to tell you the truth, it's sure beginning to look like this is what our post modern culture is coming to...all I can say is: "Come, Lord Jesus!"

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