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Who's Side is President Obama REALLY On In The Egypt Uprising?

On June 24th, 2013, in Cairo Egypt, after the now infamous 'Arab Spring' and subsequent election, Mohammed Morsi was announced as Egypt's fifth president. Many believe that the Muslim Brotherhood, who Morsi represented, actually took it over and that it originally began with Arabs who were desirous of a more democratic government to lead them. Once Morsi became President of Egypt, he and our President became very buddy-buddy. President Obama didn't seem to be  bothered by the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is a very radical Islamist group who believe in carrying out a 'Holy War' on all 'infidels'...and in time, if /when their true goals were realized...the whole world would be living under Sharia law, and their religious dictatorship!

Conservatives everywhere, rose up on t.v. and radio, and began posting on all social media sights, their complaints about President Obama's decision to send over a billion dollars, and all sorts of major military hardware to Egypt while under Morsi's rule. Behavior like that has been very hard for many patriot minded citizens to get their brains around! Egypt had clearly changed from a leadership who had been at peace with Israel, to one that didn't believe in her right to exist, and President Obama didn't seem to realize this at all...or worse, he did - and for whatever reason, was supportive of it!

Now, we are all watching a second uprising of Egyptian citizens in Cairo, against Mohammed Morsi, and the Muslim Brotherhood...one that has gained the support of Egypt's military. They have removed Morsi from his Presidential position and have him under lock and key! The radical Muslim Brotherhood side of the country, has also risen up, in retaliation, desiring to hold their control over Egypt, which has caused many concerns about it becoming a civil war!

Who's side of this showdown is President Obama really on? The statements that Obama has made regarding this latest uprising in Egypt have been like 'peas under my mattress' so to speak...they've really been bugging me! 

First, he lectured the military that they should respect all Egypt's citizen's rights to assemble and to participate in peaceful protest...(yeah right, while they were burning government buildings, and Christian churches and killing people. These are all peaceful protest activities!) In saying this, he was stepping in to help out Morsi and his crowd, since the military had been getting rough with them...and who knew, maybe Morsi's bunch could regain control, beat the others back, and win again! Him and Morsi could continue where they had left off, in their friendship and with all their grandiose plans...(whatever they may have been...)

Secondly, he said that he expected the military to "do as they said that they would do, and bring about a peaceful transition into a democratic-style government." Wait a minute! I'm shaking my head here...this begs a very important question, that I think has been sorely overlooked: If you're saying that you want Egypt's military to do this...why didn't you also communicate this expectation with Morsi as well?

Does President Obama actually think that we believed that his buddy, Mohammed Morsi and his followers were attempting to "peacefully transition Egypt into a democratic country?"  I think that the evidence shows clearly, as we look back, that Morsi was not attempting to move Egypt in this way at all! Nor was there any evidence that Obama was 'guiding' Morsi in the democratic ways of the West! Rather, it seemed that Obama invited as much counsel from them into the policies of our countrywhile Obama was mainly seeing to it that Morsi's military would be beefed up and give them over a billion dollars to boot!

Morsi, his administration, and supporters have shown the citizens of Egypt what they are all about, and it only took a year for them to see where they were taking their country! It looks pretty obvious to anyone with half an eye on this crisis, that the citizens of Egypt found their newly elected President and his administration totally unacceptable to them! Morsi and all his dictatorial plans for Egypt have been booted out by the millions of citizens with the help and support of the military! If he have been in the process of transitioning Egypt into a 'more democratic/western style government, and society' Mohammed Morsi would still be in office instead of being held against his will at this moment...yet our 'dearly beloved' President Obama was supporting him, 100%! What was wrong with that picture?

The third way I heard him address the crisis in Egypt, was likening it to our American Revolution!  He explained it as a "process that didn't run smoothly...that there will be 'false starts'...it's a difficult dance."
In likening the uprising and subsequent violence, etc. to a revolution: it would seem that he might be acknowledging the rights of what seems to be, the more westernized, peaceful Arabs, attempting to break free from the domination of the radical Muslim Brotherhood and rooting for them? Or is he still privately rooting for his buddy Morsi and his radical Islamist supporters? Is it their side that he is speaking of when he says, "there will be false starts?" Does he see THEM as the true 'freedom fighters' with rights to set up their society in the way that they have decided that it should be - forcing everyone else to comply? I wish I didn't have to ask this, but after all of his previous behaviors and decisions concerning Morsi and his friends in the not so distant past, it begs these questions!

Hey, ImJusSayin!  Which side is he (really) rooting for? That's the most important question to America. How is our leader, thinking? What does he truly believe in?
Obviously, we can all see, that Egypt's citizens are fighting for their lives, and for their rights to live as they choose. One side wants to live under Sharia law, and the other does not. One wants to modernize their economy and society, and the other does not. Those wanting a more westernized culture, without Morsi's dictatorial administration oppressing them and their families seem to be winning at this point. They are fighting for their freedom with the help of the military - from those who were Obama's friends, just a few weeks ago! (Against the many complaints and better judgement of so many Americans!)

I think that the answers to these questions are pretty important, and we shouldn't be letting Obama slip away, unsinged by his past relationship with, and support of  Morsi! Nor should we ASSUME that he is on the side of the more western thinking Egyptians just because he starts using verbage from our constitution in his speeches, now!  I am not so impressed with what this President says, I am more interested in what I see him doing.

Americans on the right have known all along that Morsi was no democratic leader, and that he was up to no good. They have all been beside themselves, watching Obama, seemingly glued to Morsi's hip! Obama's supporters and the liberal media don't seem to care what the heck is going on, as long as they can stay glued to Obama's hip! They are far more concerned about not having their access to the White House denied, or not being invited to their high class parties. The real duties of a journalist are to report (not spin) the news, to expose disingenuous leaders, and to uncover corruption! This just isn't being done anymore on the left. Instead, they cover up for those guilty of these things.

These are the times that not only 'try men's souls'...but they can actually REVEAL men's souls. Obama and Morsi are both for  BIG GOVERNMENT, but he has to sound like he's 'for the people' breaking free from it? What a tight rope Obama must walk...he'll eventually be giving speeches that sound as if he was rooting for the rights of Egypt's citizens to have thrown off an oppressive government, all along...even after he'd been chumming it up with their oppressors? I can just imagine a Saturday Night live 'journalist' pummeling an actor who looks like Jay Carney, or Josh Ernst, W.H. Deputy Press Secretary with sarcastic and embarrassing (but hysterical) questions about Obama's glaring inconsistencies, and his questionable friendship with Egypt's previous President whose oppressive ways caused another major uprising of it's citizens...the only thing Jay can think to do is timidly state that humorous word: "AWKWARD!" You have to admit this whole situation is rather awkward for our President, though I haven't heard ANYONE even addressing it (yet) which I'm sure he's appreciating very much.

If all of us peons out here knew that having the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt wasn't good for Egypt, Israel, or for America...then I find it hard to believe that Obama didn't see the handwriting on the wall there too...was he just cow-towing to them out of fear, (this could actually be an option here)...or does he indeed have a preference, a natural 'bent' if you will, towards the dictatorial, radical, Islamist ways? This seems to be the nagging conclusion that many of his more 'liberty loving' opponents are coming to.

I think that President Obama can see that the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians are not winning this battle, and he knows that they won't for sure if he continues to send financial support to Egypt's military. Hmmm...what to do? What must Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood be thinking of Obama at this point? The world is watching, what he will he do...will he show his hand, answering the questions that have interrupted my sleep? What type of government structure does he 'really' support, and want to see running the Arab world...and influencing ours? How will he play his hand? Most likely, he will back out and 'lead from behind'...as he has done before...which is not leading at all. It seems that Obama either does nothing, in these ways, or he's out there shocking the socks off of us all, like when he sent fighter jets to a radical Islamist leader, to (at some point) use against our greatest ally, Israel! What a political roller coaster we ride!

Morsi was well known for his anti-Semitic statements, such as referring to the Jews as descendants of monkeys, and pigs! Israel and America have been strong allies since they became a state in 1948...yet there was our President, rubbing shoulders with those who would seek their demise? The camp David Peace Accord between Egypt and Israel must be upheld. The Brotherhood will not be about doing this. The Muslim Brotherhood is an armed militia. It is a state within a state according to John Bolton former U.S. ambassador to the UN. He believes that the Muslim Brotherhood wants this fight with the military leadership. It will create many more martyrs for their movement, which always creates more rage and a commitment to avenge them, encouraging them to fight, all the more!

Another problem that I am having with all of this...is the hypocrisy I am sensing from our President. I think he speak with forked tongue. Whenever people protest against their governments, in other countries...(even when they get very violent!)...he always goes on and on about that government's responsibility to respect their rights to freely assemble, freedom of speech and to peaceful protest, but when conservatives, in our country  attempt to 'freely assemble' and express their free speech and peaceful protesting rights...there is nothing but false accusations hurled at them and about them...they're haters, racists, and any other accusation that can turn people against them. I can just imagine what he would order our military to do, if our Constitution loving militias rose up on the lawn of the White House and insisted on him leaving! So much for anyone's freedom or rights...it would be more like "Hello, drone strikes!"

I'll wrap up with this thought:

We need to pray that the more peaceful, democratic side WINS in Egypt...its that simple...and that those who expect to lead by dictatorship, do not! However that happens, it happens. It will be in the best interest of the whole Arab world, America, and for Israel too. Pat Buchanan says that we cannot support the Muslim Brotherhood...even though he is not 100% sure that the military is a fully pro-democratic force. 50% of Egyptians (supposedly) voted for Morsi...though at this point they are obviously regretting that, and are through with him! Who can blame them? This time around Pat believes that we should put our bets on the military. I have to say, at this point, I think so to.

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