Monday, October 7, 2013

Upset With The Right!

I'm very upset with our side. They are allowing the left to dictate the narrative again! Rather than our side talking about all of the atrocious and harmful mandates, dictates, and taxes on the American people and businesses due to Obamacare every chance they can...they allow themselves to get sucked into numerous other 'side shows' topics put out there by the left, specifically designed to STOP the right from doing as I just said above. They are successfully keeping everyone talking about everything but the 'train wreck' that is heading our way!  The Bible says that 'the wicked are wiser than the righteous' and this is a great example of it. They play our side like a fiddle, far too often. Please Republicans! Are you listening! Take EVERY opportunity to educate the American citizens about Obamacare at a time, when they are actually listening! Well, more, anyway.

Only about 15% of our government is actually closed down, at this point. Like Glen Beck has said, recently, what large company couldn't afford to slim down 15% without everything falling apart? Most could, and no doubt, our government could too! Our wasteful government spending is known to all! If you were to take a survey of average American people in any city of any state, I believe that we would get a 100% agreement that our government is wasteful - to scandalous proportions! Yet, President Obama clearly chooses things to refuse to fund, that will clearly cause upset! He promised to have the most transparent administration ever...yeah, right! The only way that he has been 'transparent' has been during the latest 'sequester fiasco' and now, in the 'strategy' that is being implemented during this 'shut down' of the government. Do whatever you have to do to cause pain, frustration, and discomfort to Americans...and blame the Republicans!

This morning someone filling in on the Mike Gallagher Show, opened up the morning conversation with questions about Speaker Boehner! Saying things like, "Is John Boehner 'for real' or 'just sounding strong because he's being forced to?" He was berating a recent commercial that starts with a baby crying, but ends up making fun of John Boehner. Mike's 'fill-in' went on and on about how unfair he thought that the left was being to John and how great he thought that Speaker Boehner is! Of course he wanted to know what the audience thought!

I took out my cell phone and called the number in order to make a comment. I was just outside of my place of business, possibly causing myself to be late for work, should I be aloud to actually make my comment. But I was LIVID! Surprise! I got through and my comment was accepted. I was put on hold. What followed was SO the clock is ticking and I'm getting closer to being late for work, eight, count them EIGHT commercials went by, followed by another caller...I just had to hang up so that I could go into work! Ugggh! How I wanted to share my aggravation with the guest host's topic choice for the show, and for the naivete of my party."

How I wish I could have said this, for all to hear! "Who cares what the left, or even the right is doing or saying about John, for God sake!" Yeah, we've been frustrated with him, but yes, at this point, we're glad that he's found a backbone and is speaking with clarity and strength.  However, I can't believe that you do not see the strategy of the left in making this commercial! You've fallen for their trap! Can't anyone see or spell T-R-A-N-S-P-A-R-E-N-C-Y? We are spending precious air time discussing what Obama wants us to talk about, instead of going over all of the enormous harm that Obamacare is causing, and will cause!

EVERY TIME our side gets a microphone in front of their face they should be educating all of America on just what a horror the Obamacare Bill is, the jobs that are already being lost, and worse, the ruin of the 40 hour work week for many! This is what the Union Leaders are complaining about, as they should! We need to continue to explain what Americans can expect, down the road, if it's fully implemented! Insurance companies all going out of business - and only government health care for us all, in time. Obama can be seen and heard on an old video stating that he prefers a ONE PAYER SYSTEM regarding health care! Leftists play chess in getting their policies implemented...a little at a this first, THEN that...make people THINK that we are doing one thing...while all along, we have a whole different goal.

Our side should take as little time on any other topic that may be brought up, as they possibly can. Answer the questions quick - then onto educating Americans about Obamacare. All of America is listening, as are numerous democratic journalists who are actually starting to see the damage that it is going to brought about. Facebook is running a clip about three democrat journalists interviewing Pelosi, where they are actually giving her a hard time!

Last but not least, ImJusSayin! WHY in the heck do WE refer to ObamaCare as "The Affordable Healthcare Act" for God's sake? We should have a really creepy name for it, and be using it ALL THE TIME! It's going to be anything but 'affordable!' It wouldn't be hard to come up with one..."Obama's Unaffordable Health Care Act! There! That wasn't so hard, was it?
My husband just yelled, "Amen to that!"

Well, it may be not so 'creepy' as I might have liked, but it works. If you can you think of one, let us know!

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