Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Read My Lips...You Can Keep Your Doctor!"

Many thoughtful, patriotic folk, across the 'fruited plain' have believed that Obama's UNaffordable Health Care plan was designed to fail. This administration pre-planned that it would, and then when it did, they would blame the insurance companies, doctors, the republican governors, the tea party...anyone and everyone, but themselves. Then they would 'come in on the white horse' and offer a one size fits all insurance coverage through the government that they refer to as a 'single payer system' but that some others simply refer to as 'Communism coming to America!' "Single Payer System" sounds rather innocent doesn't it...but it's anything but! 

All of American, (and the rest of the world,) are sitting back and watching all the problems that have been taking place in the 'rolling out' of this point, due to the website debacle. It has ended up with the GOVERNMENT being the one that is looking bad, and inept! I actually don't think that they expected it to be going quite this bad, this fast! Thousands of people who bought into all the lies, and thought that Obamacare would be a great thing...are starting to have their eyes opened to the fact that this nations health care with all of it's technical, and personal complexities, is FAR TOO BIG for the government to be responsible for! A young democrat sitting on a panel on the Hannity show, admitted, while trying to give excuses for the website 'TRAIN WRECK' that "everyone knows that private business can take care of things better than the government can!" It slipped out so fast...I don't think he even realized just what he had stated, until it was too late to take it back...but HOW TRUE IT IS!!

ImJusSayin' Obamacare is not only 'not working' it's REALLY NOT WORKING which is seriously upsetting about 16 specific democrats in Congress who are up for elections in 2014! How do they go to their constituents and 'sell' this obviously UNaffordable Obamacare Plan, or 'spin' it as something good...for anyone? They will look like fools! The new health care laws are already beginning to rake havoc on millions who were perfectly happy with their health care insurance and are now finding themselves with NONE due to their plans being dropped entirely due to not meeting the insane requirements of the Unaffordable Health Care Plan. The plans offered in the exchanges all seem to have outrageously high premiums and deductibles! American citizens with cancer and others with heart rending situations have shared on talk shows, of late, that they could actually end up losing their lives due to the loss of access to the great doctors and hospitals that had already helped them to survive before.

THIS is going to cause BIG TROUBLE for this President and the Democrats. Bill O'Reilly can't bring himself to admit that Obama actually LIED because he can't make sense with or figure out why he would do it, in that it would ruin his LEGACY. What about thinking like those on the left think, Bill? It was the ONLY WAY that he would be re elected! He hadn't come this far to throw away the dream! Remember the movie by Dinesh DeSousa? "Dreams from My Father?" Obama believes himself to be a Chosen One, a Freedom Fighter and a leader of freedom fighters...of sorts. His legacy with the far left is all that he cares about...and I think that he would willingly 'fall on the sword'...martyr his turn America into a country more like a European socialist state. Those on the right, see him as a authoritarian leader. I will possibly consider that Obama may think that what he is doing is SO FAIR that it has to be GOOD...but good for who? In the end, history proves to us that socialism/fascism isn't good for anyone accept the main leaders who all end up wealthy and pretty free, actually, because they don't have to live under any of the oppressive laws that they enact!

One great thing for conservatives during this recent Obamacare Website the fact that for years now, all our 'talking heads' have been clamoring about how bad it is going to be for America, and as of late, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and others fought against it so hard that there's no way they can blame any of this on the republicans. That alone, was one great reason for them standing up as they did! The eight minute standing ovation that Ted got when he went home to Texas proves that it was JUST what he should have done. Those who voted for him, will never regret that he spoke up, as he did....and could help him greatly should he decide to run for President. Some of us would LOVE to see him run, and ask Rand Paul to be his Vice.

53% of Americans oppose Obamacare at this time and 49% approve. I can't even BELIEVE that there is 49% who do! That's because the website has been such a disaster. The more people who successfully get in there and come out with 'sticker shock' I'm expecting the numbers that approve it to be dropping substantially! It is projected that there could be up to 100 million people (within three years) that are expected to lose their employee provided health care! What a travesty! All this, just to get insurance for 30 million who didn't have any? Yeah, right! That wasn't at all, the true motivation for all this. Right now, (at this stage) Obama wants insurance companies to give less doctor forget being able to keep your doctor if you like him, regardless of what he promised to everyone. Private Insurance companies are either dropping people from their insurance, not offering their plans anymore, or closing up shop all together and going out of business! Another plan of this administration coming to pass. Destroy America's Health Care Insurance industry all together. Hey, I'm only calling it as I see it!

ImJusSayin' the President did worn us that he had every intention of  FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING AMERICA! So far what I am seeing is the dismantling of a wonderful health care system that made us the envy of the world. This is what a great President is supposed to do, right? Spend his time ruining the country, and assigning others to do the same? Oh yes...and lying to the American people, over and over again? Golfing compulsively, and doing his best to detach himself from everything that's going wrong? We all remember Fast and Furious right? Benghazi? NSA? IRS?..and now "Read My Lips You Can Keep Your Doctor?" Oh, wait a minute, (LOL) I got that mixed up with Senior Bush's famous line, "Read My Lips, No New Taxes!" Obama's line that will go down in infamy, as we all know, will be "If you like your doctor, you can keep him...and if you like your health care policy, you can keep it - PERIOD! What a joke.

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