Friday, November 8, 2013

Is "Dogging" Those On Food Stamps - Good Election Strategy?

Message to 'some' of my right wing friends: I'm going to go out on a limb here and voice my opinion

on something that will most likely foster some harsh replies for doing so, but here goes: 

"During such a prolonged recession...I think pounding the negative drum about how many people

are on welfare, food stamps, and disability is a really BAD strategy for reaching out to those who

haven't yet embraced conservatism, and in gaining the votes that we need in 2014." There, I've

said it, and before you jump down my throat, declare me a fool, a sell-out, and a closet democrat, please

hear me out. I realize that doing this has never really been considered a strategy to win votes...but that's 

my point. Doing this...becomes a backwards strategy that can actually be taking away votes that we could be

gaining...and this is why.

ImJusSayin! If the discussion is HOW to gain votes, as it should be...then this ongoing harping, isn't

going to help us in doing this, at all. Definitely not in the way that this topic is being framed at present,

anyway. There is truth to all the stats, and to what many say, but we are working against ourselves.

I think that it does our party damage not to QUALIFY these discussions, statistics and statements  

with 'understanding' for those who have no other choice, at this time. Those who are out of work

and have really had to use our safety nets to get through, shouldn't be made to feel lousy about

it! That's one sure way to get them angry at us...and possibly cause them to believe the

propaganda from the left. Why have good people voting democrat, when they might not have,

simply because of this insensitive 'push' that many on the right, are naively, giving to them? It

doesn't take much for some people to decide to push that wrong lever - out of spite!

I don't like to 'parrot' these types of negative statements without these 'qualifiers' because it

feeds the false premise that conservatives are heartless! I have to say, sometimes they can sound 

that way if they refuse to qualify these discussions and claims about those on food stamps, without

'understanding' for those who woud rather be working!  Discussing these issues with concern

enables me to then teach about the nature of SOCIALISM, it's promises, and then, it's historically 

devastating outcomes. Without the shame, they actually listen! People then learn how Socialists

USE those in need to further their destructive policies getting more and more citizens dependent

on the government which = votes and permanent power! This doesn't attack them personally, but

informs them on how disingenuous the left can be, and how they are just using them! No one likes

to be used! Learning more about this, can actually motivate someone to do whatever it takes to 

get out from under the government control, if for any reason, they had been getting lacks about

getting work. TRUTH is empowering. 

If you don't, then you're basically just 'dogging' hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, who can't get out of

accepting the government programs that are available to them, for awhile. I personally know of folks, who are

really getting disturbed about this...who are patriots! So imagine the anger and disgust that those who aren't as

informed politically as they should be, are getting at us! They'll direct that anger towards whoever made 

them feel bad, during dark times in their pulling the lever for the WRONG politicians! It's something

to think about. I just feel that we are unknowingly shooting ourselves in the foot. Why waste expensive 

air time griping without qualifying...losing voters all the while...when we could use that same air time to

discuss Socialism, have experts on, and create better, well educated voters?

ImJusSayin, we all know that there are those low, to no information voters who do 'use' the

system, and who chronically live off of it, and who don't want to work...but there's no way that

they are going to be interested in our party and the policies that we promote no matter what we

do! However, there are those who would love to be working steady in good paying jobs, supporting

their families as they did before, looking for and waiting for work...these are the ones that we

don't want to anger, and cause them to either 'jump ship' on us, or never consider our world

view...simply because of people on the right 'coming off' as if they are rude and out of touch with

their pain, and plight. I hope you get my point...and pass it on to other conservatives.

The same holds true with the conversation on birth control pills, etc. Once in office, we can enact policies that are

wise, and fair...but NOW...WE NEED the votes from young single women as well, and to challenge them to look

beyond these topics when choosing those who will lead our country out of this mess and into the next century.

Remember, it was the left's very SMART strategy to get us talking about this topic in the first place, creating the

'faux' WAR ON WOMEN accusation...and they are eager to have us keep it going. Let's NOT help them out in their

strategies to defeat us! We need to come up with a 'strategic statement' for both of these topics that can totally

render the left impotent, in weakening us with them. At present, they know that most of those on the right just

can't bring themselves to leave these topics alone when brought up...they just seem to be 'driven' to address

them, and negetively at that...which is utterly stupid, in my point of view. They lay the trap...and ours always

steps into it with head, arms, and both feet! Many just can't seem to constrain themselves! 

ImJusSayin' we need to twique our approach to a couple issues, here...because we need VOTES, 

and we need educated voters on the IMPORTANT issues more than we need arguments with the

left about these topics. Let's learn how to segway those discussions into other more important issues. Let's

talk about this among we all need to 'wise up' in my opinion...ImJusSayin!

Feel free to send my 'point of view' to other conservative social sites, so that we can start a discussion on this

topic. I think that it is needed. If we will have it, and get on the 'same page'...we will see many more

conservatives voted in, at all levels of government in 2014...if we don't, we are aiding and a-beading the enemy 

if we refuse...and what kind of strategy is that?

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