Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ObamaCare Turning Out to Be ObamaTheft!

ObamaCare? It's turning out to be more like ObamaTheft! Millions are losing their health care! Theft is what it is, I say! Obama's Mottly Crew designed the new health care mandate in such a way that all our health care companies, will eventually drop all the plans that they have offered to their customers. This will leave everyone, in time, with NO ALTERNATIVE than to sign up for ObamaTheft! We're all supposed to just believe the administration's rendition of why this has happened? It's because all those bad insurance companies, who offer all those lousy plans, and who are always dropping people...they are the ones who are responsible for all this heinous activity against American families - without any ObamaTheft pressure at all! Rush has said that this leftist REGIME of Obama's thinks that we are all stupid, well, this one proves it, undeniably!
According to FOX news, in Oregon, has not registered even ONE person online yet! With stats like that, do you really think their goal of having 7 million signed up by March is going to happen? Oregon is having to do everything through paper applications...leaving people waiting and waiting for their insurance cards to show up in the mail. In Tennessee, substitute teacher's hours are being cut so they won't have to cover them with health insurance, but then again, THIS phenomenon is also rampant around the country in all states, and in every type of livelihood. This issue alone, is brand new to the American experience. ONLY during Obama's administration and ObamaTheft's unique requirements on businesses, have we seen this disturbing 'motivation' to NOT hire American's for full time positions!  Are we just to accept having to have 2 jobs, at 30 hours a piece as 'the new normal?' God help us!

What about Minnesota? Website down again, of course! Average wait time was 76 minutes. Most people simply don't have this kind of time, and even when they do get through people are finding themselves in shock, and quite unhappy with the costs of the premiums, and high deductables that they will be facing! Theft, again! This is simply a disaster and an historical fiasco to beat the band!

California, for instance, just found out that they don't have enough money to keep their exchanges going past 2015! They are about $78 million short! Actually, when I think about it, since I don't like the whole concept of our government having so much access to our health records, bank accounts, and personal lives overall...these 'problems' aren't really 'problems' after all! They are opportunities for us to say, "see? BIG government isn't what we want, and all these issues are proof that the government is virtually inept in taking care of something so complex, so precious and personal, as to be making decisions for our healthcare and that of our dear parents and children! The I.R.S. has proven itself to be bias in the leftist political persuasion by refusing non profit status to Christian, and Conservative groups during the last Presidential election. It is inconceivable that they are being given the responsible for taking care all issues: ObamaCare! This, alone, is a great reason why you cannot have politicians in charge of, and assigning responsibility for these types of things! It 'begs' the question, "Are they going to discriminate against me and my family in regards to what types of healthcare we will be approved for - if we are of a different political persuasion? Will we suffer backlash if we are actively speaking out against our government and/or expressing our free speech rights to influence others to see things as we do, both on a personal, or organizational level? Guess what? We already know the answer to that question due to...(drumroll and right center stage:) IRS SCANDAL!! If you fail to sign up, whether you had actually been trying to, or not, are it's my understanding, that you will have to pay 1 percent of your yearly income this year in fines, 2 percent of your income next year and 4 percent of your income in fines in the third year for refusing or neglecting to sign up...or should I say, "line up!" This is the President who prides himself in caring about the middle class and supposedly having their good uppermost in his mind and in all decisions he makes?  Give me a fre---- break! (I don't generally say, even this alternative F word - but in discussing the terrible state of our union, under President Obama, I get SO tempted!) As I mentioned above, so MANY Americans are very concerned that their companies are cutting hours, and in many cases, will no longer be hiring employees for 'full time' (40 hour per week) positions! Most are stating that it is due to the high cost of Obamacare. They would rather pay the cheaper 'fines.' Do I even need to type out that 5 letter word T-H-E-F-T here again? The domino effect of every aspect of Obamacare seems to be effecting the middle class for bad! Clearly another 'thanks' must be given to our new ObamaCare health care policies and to our President's idea of what is good for us... hence, my coining of the phrase: "Obamatheft." Many are ending up with no health care right now, when they need it most. Unaffordable premiums and deductibles. Work hours cut, leaving far less money to live on. As they say, elections have consequences! I hope that people are learning one thing from all the smiles and lies that this President poured out all over the American people when he was running for office for his second term, to NOT listen to what any politician says. Only WATCH what they do. Talk is cheap, as the old saying goes. Let a politician's actions define them, and nothing else. When Obama was in the Senate, he would at least vote PRESENT! As President, he couldn't even vote that if he had to, since most of his time is spent out on the green. Actually, that's okay with many of us. Maybe the longer he's out there, we'll be able to KEEP more of ours! Bill O'Reilly (finally) believes that tearing down our capitalistic society is what this administration and those who follow it are really all about. Took him awhile to catch on, but I'm glad to see that he has. He believes that America is a noble country, who gives opportunities that only capitalism can give to help the poor, and all Americans - and I agree! He believes the radical left who try SO hard to run our country down the tubes, always attempts to "co-opt Christian teachings" that obligate us to help the poor, as justification for creating a 'nanny state' where our government will take care of us, "from cradle to grave.' "

I was raised in the Christian faith, taking it much more seriously from about age 25 to present. I've read the scriptures numerous times, and listened to tons of teachers and preachers through those years. I have yet to find in the Bible, any laws or obligations to governments, to take from their citizens the rights or responsibility to take care of themselves and their families!
Help for those in need, temporarily until they get back on their feet, is reasonable...but to take away their natural instincts or desire to take care of themselves, as Socialism will robbing from the rich, giving to the poor? No, I've never seen anything like that. Christian communities were implored by the Apostle Paul to take care of other Christian churches who were struggling, and they were encouraged and inspired to 'be about good works' even telling them that they were 'created to do them!' However, one scripture comes to mind in regards to those who would take advantage of helps that would be given to them, and it went something like this: "If a man will not work, neither should he eat!"
It is because of that scripture that I tend to believe that those who receive government help, should be involved in doing SOME type of work that will help someone, or the community in some way. Newt Gingrich suggests that they should at least be going to school to learn a trade of some type. I can't imagine why anyone would reject that idea...except the left, who many believe, want to keep a majority of our citizens on the government dole so they will keep voting them into power!
ImJusSayin' On one hand, liberals will try to act all pious, quoting scriptures and acting like their all 'better' than everyone else, and then on the other hand you see them fighting with Catholic Nuns who spend their lives tending to the old and weak - all the way to the Supreme Court to try and get them to sign a sheet of paper that would allow their health care providers to supply contraceptives, and abortafecia drugs which clearly goes against their conscience and faith! They are claiming that the ministry of these nuns is not 'religious enough' to qualify for the exemption from the mandate...hypocrates! (What in the heck else, can you conclude?)

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