Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Disappointed with Right Wing Media Reaction to Benghazi Smoking Gun!

I love to watch Greta's show...but the other night was a huge disappointment! I couldn't believe the 'soft ball' CONCLUSIONS that she and her guests came to after ALL the bombshell EVIDENCE that the President and Hillary are both AS GUILTY AS SIN, in the cause, and the cover up of the murders of our American Ambassador and those who were there helping him in our Consulate on September 11, 2012!!! (Same was true on the Kelly File, and Sean Hannity, in my view. As much as I love Judge Jeanine, even she just can't bring herself to see things as BAD as they very well, could be!) If SOMEONE would just go back and watch the first interview that Judge Jeanine had with Sean's will hear her say that her son called her on the phone and told her that he thought that "they knew too much!" C'mon people...if Hillary didn't read ALL the emails containing their PLEAS for security and more (which I really don't believe that she didn't), but IF she didn't, it was because she was purposely NOT reading them! She knew exactly what was going on there. She KNEW that they were pulling out their security a little at a time, until they would be sitting ducks for the terrorists who were all around there! Barack Obama knew as well! Why is everyone 'dancing around' the OBVIOUS! I believe that Ambassador Stevens and the tech guys that were left there did indeed KNOW TOO MUCH. They were left there in the vulnerable state that they were ON PURPOSE! Now what we need to be searching out is, what did they know? Rand Paul has already eluded to gun running that was going on over there. This is so maddening! All conservatives and supposedly, the right wing media has been hoping and praying for the TRUTH to finally come out...and when it does, we watch in shock as OUR media slips into denial, and pussyfoots around with a cat meowing, and meowing, knowing that there is a mouse in the wall, but then when it actually comes running out...the cat just bats it around, with no real intention of killing it! ImJusSayin...if the shoe were on the other foot, and these same revelations came out about Bush, and whoever his Secretary of State was...ALL the left wing politicians and media would be EATING THEM ALIVE right now, before our very eyes! There wouldn't just be an impeachment...there would be camera lights flashing as they were dragged before congress, accusations would be made, the evidence clearly spelled out, in a flash they'd be found guilty and swiftly REMOVED from their positions, and THROWN INTO THE SLAMMER...(remember NIXON??) all before the right wing community and media had time to pick their jaws up off the floor! C'mon Greta! I watched you do an awesome job in the O.J. murder trial. Even though you didn't win, you had courage, and showed great determination and insistence that the truth be revealed and justice carried out! Where has that tiger gone? Now's the time to keep digging, and DON'T let them off the hook! I guess fear of offending someone, job loss, angering the black community...what else is it Greta? Whatever it may be, it obviously has got YOUR 'tiger' by the tail these days. So disappointed.

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  1. Excellent!!! As usual! It takes nerve to speak the truth in a world where lies are common and your looked at crazy for not believing them. I give you credit!! Others could learn from your bravery!